Wife of 7/7 Bomber Interviewed on Sky News

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Funbags, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. http://news.sky.com/skynews/video/videoplayer/0,,31200-1277330,.html

    Just watched this woman and I wanted to feel some sympathy for her but I just cant. The only emotion she showed was a few tears when describing HER arrest earlier this year. She had to be prompted at the end to "utterly condemn" the bombings (those were the Interviewers words) and I got the impression she just didnt care that much about the victims of the bombings, and then when she criticised the proposed changes to the Detention times (admittedly prompted by the Interviewer) I almost choked on my Tea, surely she is proof that you never know where the next Suicide Bomber is coming from and that its time to get tougher about these lunatics ??

    I just cant help feeling that if she was TRULY sorry it wouldnt have taken two years to say it.
  2. I think that they should have Co-Co The Clown mouthes painted on the outside of those masks.

    I also think that some of the fat wimmin on this site should be forced to wear Burkhas.
  3. She's got very nice eyes. I wouldn't mind emptying my load over them after beheading her.
  4. Burka...... link below...

    Link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvv-fcjO4Rg :twisted:
  5. I bet the victims feel ever so slighty more upset than her.
    Why is there only one way reporting eh?
    Why are the scumbags more important than the victims?

    Arrrghhhhhh.....and breath, rant over.
  6. She's just another victim of her husband's actions.
    Why would she necessarily unprompted condemn what he did in an interview set up in that way? She didn't do anything wrong after all and she simply answered the questions one by one as they were posed.
    He had dropped her back home from the hospital whilst she was in the middle of a miscarriage losing their second child before he headed off to kill himself and countless others, leaving her to continue losing their baby alone and then also having to go through the shock of his suicide and his atrocity, facing life as a widow of a terrorist and having to move home and having to raise her other baby daughter alone.
    She is an innocent victim as much as anyone else that day.
  7. The clips been on SKY NEWS all day, I wonder if it been better if they interviewed some of the victims families instead? Or is that not an interesting story. Like Funbags said, she only appeared truely upset when she was talking about her arrest. I think it would have been more of a 'scoop' if some of these cnuts relatives actually say they are 'evil' instead of 'he was brainwashed by others' or 'he was a loving husband, son, etc...'

    The bombers behaviour was becoming more and more radical over a period of time, and more anti-west, so she must have noticed something wrong?
  8. By the way, she got paid £5,000 as well for the 'exclusive'.
  9. just spat my beer all over the place cheers.
  10. thats another load of a.n.e.l. that she can get ready for her next plot to blow up our english land and buildings.
  11. In todays Guardian it said she got £15,000 not £5,000.
  12. Well I am sure that she will declare that to the local benifit office

    Fallschirmjager wrote:
  13. My heart bleeds purple pish for her!!!
    As for you, how much sympathy do you have for the victims and familys? I notice you have managed not to mention them.
  14. Could not help but notice that lovely house she was in with the child playing in the conservatery .
    Wonder who pays for that?
  15. This is about the bombers' wife not the victims of 7/7. We are discussing her interview about the effects upon her life. Why you feel you have to demonise her simply because she was married to the terrorist is beyond me. This poor girl has done nothing wrong.
    Now why do you need me to express public sympathy for the victims of 7/7? Are you American?