Wife just got me a new xbox 360 for early x-mas

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ghost_us, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. It came with 2 games, some marvel superhero crap and a racing game Forza 2 which is actually pretty fun.

    Any suggestions on games to pick up? I like FP shooters (I know COD4 is an obvious choice) and maybe Halo.

    But beyond those two my knowledge on what is out there is poor.
  2. Rainbow 6: Vegas and COD4 are the two to pick up, think HMV are doing COD4 for 30 quid just now as well.
  3. You lucky, lucky bastard......
  4. Check out Left 4 Dead, early next year as well. Looks like it's going to be awsome!
  5. Gears of war is a great game. Though leave halo. It really isnt worth getting.
  6. Any of the Ghost Recon titles, Halo 3, Orange Box, Call of Duty 4, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to shooters!
  7. Thanks guys. I just got Halo 3. Still on the fence about it. Graphics are nice but gameplay is a bit arcadish.

    Trying to play a shooter with that little thumb stick takes a fair bit of getting used to. I think I'll save COD4 for the pc so I can use a mouse.

    I'm going to have to look for some of the others you've posted.

    Thanks again
  8. Can definitely recommend Gears of War and Call of Duty (2 or 4...would pass on 3).

    One game that I love is John Woo's Stranglehold which has such a cinematic feel to it it's awesome.

    Guitar Hero 3 is a good laugh too.....
  9. any 1 had probs with the fans on their 360 burning out ?
  10. To be honest, yes. I did get the red ring of doom but after a 20 minute call to Microsoft support UK (whilst based in Germany) they were very quick to arrange collection, repair and return within a week and give a week's free Xbox Live Gold membership.

    The new 360's apparently don't have this issue.
  11. mine wents tits up after a year or so and was still covered by the warrenty cos i bought it from play.com all went smooth and touch wood no probs with the new 360 however was advised to buy a fan to fit on the back of it
  12. GH3 Is very good. Great for a laugh and you get to live out your hidden rockstar passion...

    Good line up of songs to play aswell.
  13. Just completed Bioshock - excellent. Just started Halo 3 seems good but just played a demo of COD4 and even better.

    Avoid COD 3 it was done by a different design team and is no where near as good as COD 2 which you can now get on budget.

    Have sent my brother a copy of COD4 for xmas not sure if he will get to play it stuck in a sandy airbase though...

    As for the 'red ring' my xbox suffered it (after a vindaloo) but new ones are supposed to be ok - if it has a HDMI port then it's the latest model and should be fine.
  14. Wheres the HDMI Port mate?
  15. It's just under the big socket that the standard AV cable plugs into, it resembles a D and is approx the size of a USB port.

    Its a good thing to have if you are planning to buy the add on HD-DVD drive to watch high def movies as it supports the encryption that they are threatening to use on the movie disks. (I don't think any HD-DVD's are using this encryption just yet, but could be wrong)

    It was only standard on the new black xbox's but is now on the newer white ones too.

    All the xbox's I have heard about getting 'red ring' where manufactured in 2006 - most of them were out of warranty when it happened hence it became media news and led to back pedaling by M$ to extend warranty for those affected.