Wife has a Virus on MSN Messenger

Well she went and done it.

My wife has followed a link that she got from someone on M$N Messenger and now has someone logging in on her account, I believe possably sending similar links. (Bot!! Trojan!! Worm!!)

W*W.Me!_Amph!!.youimgz.com was the link (just not my screen name).

I got a similar link from same person h..p://Me!_Amph!!.checkpics.com but didnt follow the link. Im a bit wiser.

Messenged my mate back and informed him of his problem, but he is away somewhere hot and sandy at the moment.

I have run NOD 32 and it did not find a thing, and cant find anything on Google about it.

Help or the wife gets banned from Tinterweb...

Go to


and run the virus check. Their online version is always bang up to date

Once discovered, they may have a removal tool or if not do a search for THEIR description of the virus (as opposed to the one that you can see on the PC) and you'll probably find a free way of getting rid

Or try AVG 8 (just type AVG free into google). Costs nowt and is pretty damn good. Can slow down less powerful PC's though.
Whenever you get a message from a friend, and they are offline, and it is just a random IP or link, do not click on it, as this is that virus. I got it, but deleted that email account... I think you get the virus by watching too much Pawn and that spreads onto msn...
Have seen this virus too.

It is something to do with teh MSN account, not the computer. Once on it uses your mailing list.

I ran avast, ad aware and malwarebytes anti malware, not to mention zone alarm, and they haven´t picked anything up.

Not that I am just leaving at that.

Change your password, and any other accout specific details ie memorable info. And use the Hotmail Phishing scam button to send a report in to MSN.

They may be able to do somethign about it.

If it is the one I am thinking off, it starts with a checkpics account. And asks for MSN login and password....

Don´t pu tthese in!!!

Thanks mate just read your post out to the wife and funnly enough she said thats what she did. She entered her MSN Login Details on to the aformentioned website.

God i got to bang my head against a wall.

She is changing her details now.

I also found Trojan.Dropped on her laptop in 2 files wonder if this is part of it too.

I'm not an expert but I've had this virus. As have several of my mates (one whose hubby IS an IT whizz kid)

What this virus does is, if you use MSN/Hotmail (that account) for any bank transactions (which , frankly, you'd be a fool to do ANY way) or credit card etc.etc. it grabs your information to start cloning/copying etc.etc.

All you have to do is NOT log on to msn but go to the site and change all your settings.

Quite easy and won't cause much more damage. Hopefully 8O
Short of sounding sarcastic but maybe it's a lesson learnt for internet users to read the Terms and Conditions boll0x when online or installing programs. The virus that this thread is talking about (at least I think it is, having seen something almost identical recently) can only be activated by the user clicking to accept when in black and white above it the T&C clearly states "You will be granting xCOMPANY_NAMEx exclusive access to your MSN account............"

My frau's grandmother did the same, she's now on our ignore list due to the amount of spam messages that keep coming through and god forbid what sort of information the phishers have access to now.

Read the T&C on all programs, its easy to filter out the sh1te once your familiar with them and easy to spot the bad from the good.

As per most users on t'inters the likely hood is that your password for all things like Amazon/Play etc etc is the same as your MSN - Change your paypal immediately as 90% of folk link their paypal direct to their MSN.

Use an exclusive email account for paypal.

Bin the wench for being a mong! It's the only way ahead I'm afraid.
smudge67 said:
Bin the wench for being a mong! It's the only way ahead I'm afraid.
And theres the non-pc version of what I was aluding to :)

Computer User (Non-Technical Specimen)....in general you gotta love them.

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