Wife being told off

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by smudge827, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi can anyone help? A friends wife was done for speeding on the way in to camp one day by the RMP's. (Just doing there job) :D Anyway she wasn't charged or fined on the spot! insted was told she will be in front of the CO. Now can anyone shed any light on what power the CO has on a wife? Will he have any legal rights to do anything. Or is this a scare tactic?

    Thanks Smudge 8)
  2. Which country? In UK they have no jurisdiction but Germany they do.

  3. And the perfect place to post this is in the Aviation forum?
  4. Perhaps she was speeding in a Jaguar? What were the RMP's in? A GR-9?
  5. Perhaps the poor chap wears a light blue beret?
  6. Even so, wtf would we know about rules and regs?

    Maybe posting this in the monkeys forum would be better.

    FWIW, if it was in Germany, the RMP do have limited juristiction off camp when it concerns servicemen and their dependants so they could theoretically have stopped her for speeding off camp. As to getting her to bang her tabs into the CO, sounds like utter bollox to me or a sproggy monkey not having any idea what powers he has.
  7. Yes it is in Germany. If so what is she looking at. Is there set rules set up or will she get it in the neck just because he might be having a bad day? And can she ask to see the policy before hand?

    Thanks smudge
  8. Best to either ask the Adjt or RMP Det Comd.

    I cant see what point there would be to get the CO to deal with it to be honest, especially as no action was taken. Whats he going to do? Give her 5 days RoPs and an extra Canteen Cowboy duty?

    Certainly sounds like the RMP in question was being a bit of a Himmler.

    BTW, is the wifey a looker or just a bloated loggie wife goat?
  9. Thanks i'll have to wait and see.
  10. My missus punted OC 663 Sqn into the Moehnesee at a Sqn barby, and apart from a lot of extra duties for me, feck all happened to her. Well worth it in retrospect.
  11. That would be full jurisdiction to apply the UK criminal law and if necessary bring dependant offenders to trial at the Standing Civilian Court. I have also taken an officers wife that route for cheque fraud and she appeared before the CO to be remanded to higher authority. I have also placed two wives in the Gren Gds guardroom on Xmas Day, that was fun!

    Back to the story though you are right, either complete bollox, a complete twat or a cocky RP at the camp gate. Speak to your local RMP, they might smell but they don't bite.
  12. I would have thought that speeding on a civi road would have fook all to do with the monkeys, interfering twats.
  13. All dependants in Germany are subjects to military law / jurisdiction.
  14. Billc in UK yes but in Germany it's the same as being dealt with by CivPol in UK. You wouldn't consider them interfering if your wife or family were victims now, would you?
  15. At a guess I would say he is talking out of his hoop.

    RMPs in Germany have the CivPol with them when manning speed traps. And I am under teh impression that hte punishment comes from the German side.

    The RMP do the pads etc. but the roads are german. Unless it was a road inside camp.

    If you have the guys name, you could always enquire further. Might end up with him in front of the CO for talking utter poo.