Wiesel AFV's

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blackcat, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. Not sure where to post this but here goe's, a few years ago I seem to remember the MOD testing and evaluating the german wiesel series afv's, for use with airmobile and airborne force's. Anyone know what happend did the MOD kick it into touch due to cost's or did it not perform during testing ?.
  2. Must have been a cost thing, because they are funky little buggers. There's an AA variant as well now called the Ocelot. The German paras swear by the things, but they've never really been tested in anger. Mind you, as it's German......it will be good. If there other kit is anything to go by that is.

    God I'm getting boring in my old age. Anyone seen my Chieftain?
  3. 16AA Bde and ITDU trialled it but the German requirement for such a vehicle is different to ours in particular in the areas of protection and firepower. Furthermore, we lack the lift capability to maximise the use of such a vehicle as this.

    Overall though a very good vehicle which comes in many variants. The German Army also now have a 120mm Mor variant which has had good reports.
  4. that will be the wmik will it ? no firepower or protection .sorry to sound cynical but i bet some one with purse strings said no :(
  5. Pity really. The ideal would be a small sub-unit of MBT but the mobility thing kicks that into touch. The nearest thing that we've got is CVR(T) and even they are on the heavy side.

    I know that the Marines in Iraq were very very happy to have MBT support with enemy armour around..... even aged T55 are a threat if you've got nothing armoured to put against them.

    Oh well, just thinking out loud :?
  6. See Mini-Tank forum on this site!
  7. i think the mod are still looking into this one due to op telic a review is looking at wheeled armour instead of tracked all part of a penny pinching scheme due to cost of tank transporters damage to training area track mileage ect..no doubt to be done by the pfi