Wierdoes in surplus stores

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BRIAN, Jan 22, 2004.

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  1. I was in my local surplus store earlier this week, looking at day sacks, when i noticed the group of wierdoes in the corner. Looking at BB guns, this led to me to ask the store owner if they were a commen type of customer.

    Apparently they are, it seems theyve got money to burn, he told me that a guy had come in and bought a whole desert cammo set of webbing earlier that day. Some of them dress up in all the british army kit with BB sa 80 and take pictures of themselves.

    Why do these nutters get off on wearing 95?
    Do they get a hard on watching soldiers on the news?
    Why dont they just join the army, or perhaps the RAF?
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  2. They're the people that keep the surplus stores in business. Those of us who buy para cord and notebooks are hardly valued customers.
    And God forbid they actually join the forces, they might actually get shot at by something more substantial than a paintball, and not be able to go back to their local and discuss tactics.
    One word, two syllables: Losers!
  3. good point someones got to buy the latest 180 quid arktis smock or however much it costs.

    They just get on my tits, kind of like those people who read a magazine cover to cover in the news agent and it aint even a JAZZ mag.
  4. what is a bit of a concern are the ones who buy the kit from surplus stores and medals from dealers so that they can go round impersonating forces personnel.
  5. Or perhaps the SPS? (The Special Paperwork Service)

    Its not so much the weirdoes who buy the sh*t......have u clapped eyes on some of the walters who sell it? There's some far away looks there.
    They strike me as a bunch of kiddy fiddlers. Little weirdo eyes lighting up as soon as some cadets come into their shops.
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  6. There's loads of them going round. They call themselves 'the TA' or something?
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  7. See also science fiction/fantasy bookshop owners...
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  8. Anyone in a Red Dwarf t-shirt or wearing a Star Trek badge that goes "bleep" should be bottom of the list for potential baby sitters 8O
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  9. :twisted:
  10. LOOK HERE!

    It is IMHO an informative site. However the main posters are all paint balling teenagers with far to much disposiable income. These are seriously weird walters.

    but do have hi def pics and links to the real world.

    Mind! also seen a poster on both ARRSE and here with a Welsh and Canadian flag closing their posts?. A coincidence perhaps.

  11. Cos they may be sad friendless weirdoes, but they ain't that fcuking stoopid!
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  12. I don't think so. When I was in the Army we were the people who kept Du Bora's and Silvermans in business. I had to buy my own 58 webbing downtown, like the rest of my lot (at least it meant we didn't have to blanco bloody belts and gaiters any more).
    And you lot think you've got it 'ard nowadays. By 'eck I could tell stories.
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  13. Blanco?...........that'll be in the days before the tank then? You'd be right impressed with some of the gadgets we've got now!

    (We've even got wimmin in the Army...honestly!)
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  14. i bet youd get a few quid for some '38 in a surplus store nowadays.

    I wonder if they dress up as old soldiers and masturbate over themselves like they do about the modern soldier.

    They get on my wick, they should sod off and buy more porn!
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  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Having to buy kit cos you Regulars couldn't organise a pi$$-up in a brewery!