Wierder Pervier people than thee.

WTF were you looking for when you found that. Quite entertaining though.
Kate Beckinsale! I want to get naked and let her beat me Like I was Jeromesausage and she was Porridgegun - Do it!
perry had four undefeated fights in the same year leading into the match, church however had onlyone fight in the preceding three, lsoing out to a much taller and more eathletic johanson.
Are you Don King? You're obviously taking this far too seriously; I'm talking about the real world. One of those dimpled pint glasses with a handle over the bonce and Katy's fucking history. Chas would then slap DarkNinja, and you, probably, around the car park for a few minutes before returning to the bar to collect her winnings and then I'd drive her home for a nice tea and some sweet lovin'.
No chance, theyd never have fought. Perry met Sarah Harding before church and Harding would either have clawed her eyes out or bitten through her trachea, if all else failed shed have got her gerodie mate to glass her in the ovary as she left the bout.

Mark The Convict

That creamy complexion demands bukkake, but Kate's cut-glass accent hints at pure filth.

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