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Wierd thing I seen...

Greetings my foxhound friends...

Whilst perusing the Telegraph the other day there was a list of passing out candidates from the RM officer training course. In addition to the usual commando forces and Gromboolian overseas cadets, there was a distinct heading Army. About four or five 2Lts were then listed as passing out, from units like DDLI, Kingos - and none of them obviously commando related nor indeed Cdo Log related which I could maybe have seen the logic behind. Can anyone explain this and what is the justification?
It was Monday's edition.
Mentioned PWRR, PWO, KINGS, DDLI, Jamaican Defence Force and UAE Land Forces candidates in amongst a bumper batch of booties.
NAP6W said:
Are you from Gloucester or should the title of your post be "weird thing I saw"??? :?
You know I am bor, it says so in my medal block! Actually I'm from Scotland via school in Berkshire and university in Durham...so really I am the last living speaker of the genuine combined British dialect, look you bonny lad ooh arr, Jimmy!
rickshaw said:
The inclusion of certain Army units in the 3 Cdo Bde ORBAT, perchance?
Exactly that.
DDLI & RGBWLI will merge as one in 07, they will become a CDO role battalion, so what they are doing is preparing for the future and getting all ranks through the CDO course so that they can achive the status of a fully trained CDO battalion by 2010.

And i am one of the ones who will have go through the CDO course this year for that reason.

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