Wierd looking vehicle

Have been meaning to post about this for a few weeks now. On a bus journey through Seaforth, in lovely Liverpool of course, passing by the docks, there was a vehicle which looked like to me a scud transporter with a dome shaped object about half way along the vehicle. I can say it was definately a military vehicle, NATO green etc, but it has been bugging me and would like to know what it was!
Bravo_Zulu said:
Rapier air defence vehicle? Hard to say without having seen it.

Tracked Rapier is what BZ is trying to say

What ever happened to that ? Was it really that bad ?
Tracked Rapier worked just fine.

I think that, since it was a buy-up of equipment originally developed for the Shah of Iran, there was insufficient spares back-up to keep it in service more than 8-10 years, or however long it lasted. There was also a limited amount of room in which to upgrade the system.

(I think the launcher in the picture is "Daedalus", from D Troop of 11 (Sphinx) AD Bty RA, at Benbecula in about 1986)
If it was in Seaforth it could in reality have been anything as all kinds of imported kit comes in through the docks. I remember about 10 years or so ago there was a s*it load of Migs and Hinds just behind the fence of the docks that had been bought and imported by a private collector. It may well have been a scud transporter complete with deactivated scud bought by a collector/museum/film compnay etc
Yep, comes in a couple of forms but is essentially the picture above minus the tracked tanky bit and the dish on a stick bit and plus an 'A' frame trailer.

Worked on it in first unit and have to say it was an alright bit of kit. Doubt it was one of them though as I dont think there are that many left around now and it doesnt fit the description in the original post..........
Just Google Image'd the new Mann trucks and yes it was one of them, but the dome on the top? It was horizontal so i'm assuming something to do with signals? Radars and all that jazz.
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