Wierd download problem!

Ok, got a very strange download problem and it only seems to effect programme downloads

Download - save1.jpg Download - save2.jpg Download - save3.jpg Download - save4.jpg

From left to right, shows the sequence of the 'download'. In the 2nd screenshot it says 'Download cancelled' (it wasn't) but can right-click and select 'run'! 3rd screenshot, shows it downloading as would be normally expected. In the final screenshot, it shows as if nothing ever downloaded!!!

I have run various malware programmes and an anti-virus programme - nothing is flagged up! Also, I can download movies, music etc. with no problems!

Any ideas?

I'm running XP Pro, with SP3 (fully updated) and my browser is Firefox 3.6.8
Where are you downloading from? Could be the site that's the issue if all other downloads are working.
Try disabling the download manager addon and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them out and hopefuly I'll get it cracked!

Fubes, two of the sites are Skype and Lavasoft (ad-aware).
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