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Some info I posted on Rum Ration which I feel must apply to the Army as well.

"Some info for the "older" readers about widow's pension.

In 1973 the widows pension rules were changed so that service after that attracted a 50% pension, service prior to that got 33%. In 1976 those on a pensionable engagement were given the option to "buy back" any service prior to 1973 to put all of their widow's pension back up to 50%.

I decided not to exercise this option. A while ago (planning my full retirement) I wrote to the pension's people and asked what my widow's pension would be in the event of my death. They told be it would be 33% of my current pension ! I wrote back saying that I thought that it should be 14 yrs at 50% and 9 years at 33%. They came back and said that I had "opted out", even sending me a copy of the chit I had signed way back in 1976. I went back and said that I had opted out of the "buy back" scheme, NOT the entire 50% widow's scheme. It took me FOUR letters to get them to agree with me - and apologise for their error ! The difference was £1,000 p.a.

It may be worth any of you who opted out of the "buy back" scheme to write to the pension's people and check that your entitlement is correct.


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