Widows pension

My father served in the Coldstream guards for 22 years and received a pension. A few weeks ago he died. My mother is having great difficulty in getting any information from the MOD as to what % of his pension she will now receive and this is obviously causing her great distress. Does anyone have any information that I can use to help her or any links to useful sites. I have had a trawl around the net but have got nowhere fast.
Many thanks.
Sorry to hear of your loss

Write to

Sutherland House
Russell Way
RH10 1UH

That was in a Paymaster newsletter I received, the newsletter can be viewed online at www.paymaster.co.uk

Edited to add:

the link is very slow at the moment but here are some more contact details:

Army queries: 0870 197 1510
Fax: 01293 604024
E-Mail: afppensions@xafinitypaymaster.co.uk


Sorry to hear of you loss Moonhead.
Unfortunately it is not as straight forward as giving a percentage.
It depends upon when he served. Service before 1975 it is 33 1/33%, after that 50% but you could buy the extra years.

As Flyinghandbag says the people to contact are paymaster on the details shown plus your father should have received a newsletter in April together with his uprating notice.
Any problems PM me.
Thank you for your replies gents, I have passed the info to my mother and she sends her thanks. I'll be contacting the paymaster tomorrow to see what I can find out.

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