Widow, 90, dies after freed robber returns to strike again


Must control fury!!!!!

Ok, I'm calm now.

Full story here, www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1732937,00.html, but the highlights are here.

A VIOLENT criminal robbed and assaulted an elderly woman for the second time after being released at the earliest possible opportunity from prison.

Williamina Lister, 90, died four days after the vicious attack by Robert Fisher, 35, at her home in Cowdenbeath, Fife. During the attack he pushed her to the ground, grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her.
Basically he was sentenced for 10 years for a whole list of assaults and robberies on old people including Mrs Lister. He was allowed on on licence at the earliest oppurtunity.

He has been now banged up for life, but has to serve the remainder of his original senctance (3 1/2 years), he is eligble for parole 10 years in to his life sentance.

Fisher’s criminal record, which included numerous convictions for preying on vulnerable, elderly women in their own homes, made it clear “that a simple custodial sentence is insufficient for the future protection of the public”.
My red. Lord Hardies speech.

I can think of a sentence that would be very sufficient for the future protection of the public, and it should have been handed down the first time round. Then this piece of societies flotsam wouldn't have been able to harm anybody else.
.. absence of a father figure in the formative years and a poverty-stricken childhood were probably the cause. Society is certainly to blame for the Fisher's sorry state.

I strongly recommend that he is offered an urgent placing of a DfES training course.

I would personally like to offer my services to help Fisher retrain as a target adjustment operative, on the falling plates range at Bisley.

If he has trouble with working outdoors, I would happilly help him to find training at certain indoor ranges where firing on multiple 210mil arcs is allowed concurrently.

and we want developing nations to have a legal system like ours??

I'm starting to think that sharia law may just have a niche opportunity :x


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It makes me physically sick. I am perenially disgusted that our legal system is incapable of recognising that the right of society to protection from criminals is more important than the rights of criminals, but when something like this happens it just makes me so angry.

Rights are (or should be) legally balanced by responsibilities. You should only be able to claim your rights if you observe the responsibilities which go along with them. If you fail to observe or downright neglect your social responsibilities, then you should forego your rights.

This person (nay, thing) should have been locked up for life the first time round. He has no right to anything. In my mind he foresook his rights when he beat up the old dear the first time round.


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It's terrifically expensive to keep people locked up (at least it is in the UK).

I can think of one very swift and simple solution.

However, it will take an awfully large number of defenceless old ladies getting killed before the 'leaders' of this country considered that option - and even then, the EU would stop it.
What about prosecuting the individual who decided to grant the licence for early release?

Mrs Lister died as a direct result of their decision, if an Engineer can be jailed because he designed something that years down the line fails and kills people the faceless public servant behind this outrage is most certainly culpable.

There is little hope of changing the wrongheaded culture that pervades our handling of violent and recidivist criminals simply by appealing to a sense of justice that has been so perverted as to be unrecognisable. Far better to make the criminal justice administration act in the interests of the public through the threat of jail time for decisions that are blatantly morally inexcusable.
It gets worse....I see that Silcott the convicted murderer has a job with the police? on Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham as a mentor for the disaffected youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least Fisher was caught. This doesn't always appear to be the case.

Edna Lamont (94)... collapsed after burglars raided her house as she slept shortly before midnight on October 16, 2004...

Two men were arrested following the incident, but were later released without charge.
Full story here: Burglary last straw for Edna

Burglary is a nasty crime, and can have lasting effects on its victims, yet is treated as a low priority in my experience.
Perhaps when anyone is caught and banged up they should be forced to address the whole prison populace.

Like an AA meeting.

"hello, i am scum fisher.

I have been convicted of ABH on a defenceless, 90 yo granny, who later died.

I am in cell 567"

Now that would be a step in the right direction. A loveydovey arproach to the whole thing. Everything is on table. And perhaps some of the cons inside already for ABH might stop round and tell him what they're in for and help him deal with it.
exile1 said:
It gets worse....I see that Silcott the convicted murderer has a job with the police? on Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham as a mentor for the disaffected youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, Working for a Safer London no doubt. I absolutely despair. I saw him outside Kings Cross a few months ago. It's a pity it wasnt a few days ago, 'cause the he was carrying a rucksack. We can but live in hope.
to be fair was'nt silcott found innocent of the blakeny murder? the other one he did do could b=possibly self defense or at least 50 50
probably going to have more kudos with scumbags than a social worker might just work

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