Wide sleeping bags for lumpy stumpys

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by whitbylad, May 24, 2007.

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  1. I am 5 foot 7 but wear xl shirts, so I'm a little bit chunky. the issue sleeping bags are too narrow for me. Has anyone got information on what bags there are on the market for 'lumpy stumpys'? i'm going to be sleeping in it for 6 months so it has to be good and 4 season. cheers
  2. Whitby,

    Are you sure you haven't been issued with a medium or small sleeping bag?
  3. Snugpack bags can be fitted with an "expander panel" for those of us with Broad shoulders and or beer bellies.

    Since taking up archery my shoulders have expanded to the point where I'm on the cusp of needing one myself.
  4. Have you tried a '58 pattern XL maggot? It's big enough for two.

    Not that I ever tried it, of course.
  5. I would recommend


    Woodlore Sleeping Bag - Golden Eagle
    Price: £145.00 (inc VAT)

    The packed size of the Golden Eagle is 20x20x38 cm (equivalent to 15.2 litres), length approx. 181cm from top of zip to feet + head room, width 82cm. Weight: 2400 grams



    NAN02 - Endurance sf -10ºC / x ºF Double Zipped Sleeping Bag
    Additional comfort is given by: A slightly oversized mummy shape. Easy access system. By using one zipper on each side you can open the bag totally, this gives a more easy access to the bag and you can sit in the bag with full mobility on arms and legs.

    But to be honest, if the issue bag is not big/wide enough you'd be better off with a 9x9 canvas and some GS wool blankets, how wide are you exactly ?
  6. Not meaning to slag off the pay staff because they provide such a (ahem!!!) professional and efficient service to us but why the fcuk are you asking questions about sleeping bags on the finance forum??? Don't you realise they can't deal with any enquiries because of JPA?

    Putting that point aside though - I'm 6'3" (not skinny either) and my army issue scratcher fits me just fine. I suggest you take yours back to the stores and tell them you want fat hobbit size instead!!!
  7. Im an average size A mech aswell and cant believe you cant fit in one. I have an XL John Smiths barrel around my waist so sure you can fit in. Another idea is to cover your self in grease and you'll just slide in.
    ok lets now talk about JPA. :x
  8. Have a look at these wiggy's sleeping bags from the States ,I've one of his bags ,not bad and He dose make them in a wider version , just don't say the word Snugpac ,He is a bit weird.
  9. check the photo he is a bit weird

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  10. If you eat slightly less fish and chips you'll find the issue doss bag will be ample big enough with time.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not that I ever found a 58 maggott with 1. any feathers and 2. larger than small.
  13. I always managed to blagg a long 58 bag.
    the new issue is pretty large so no more pies for you then :D