Wide mouth, small thermos flasks

These seem quite popular, the ones I've seen pople with have a cap the diameter of the flask and are about six inches high. I can't see anything similar in a search. Are they an issue bit of kit? Any ideas?

Most ordinary steel flasks are a bit big I think.
I know where you can get wide mouth[hr] ones but I think the ones you re looking for are a bit rare shall we say !!
Do you mean the standrad jack flask? Make a brew in the morning and keep it one of your right ammo pouches until you need the morale? (stands by for incoming from Sandhurst CSgts...)

Life Systems

See also Alladin Flasks
There is an issued version of the Thermal Mug, NSN 7350-99-449-0184.
Thanks fellas - the Lifesystems Thermal Mug seems to be the one - :)

(apologies to TimPegasus - I spotted my typo and have no need for a wide Moth flask! :) )
don't put it in the dishwasher when your knackered at end-ex. Stripped the black coating right off mine and had to wrap it in sniper tape. Looks ally as **** but drop the thing and you'll never find it again.
Just make sure you get a pink one.

Lost a good half dozen black or green ones over the years. Now people chase after me if I leave it lying around.....
"Oi mate, is this your fcking flask?"

And I shall never be a mere grey face in the green throng...
"Oh him, yer, he's the one with the pink fcking flask."

Guaranteed to break the ice at parties, you know it makes sense.

NB do not attempt to make your brew in it by filling with cold water and placing atop a gas burner. I watched with some interest as some yokel did exactly this. I was unsure whether he'd just use all his gas up because of the insulating properties of the vacuum or it would explode like the Deathstar at the end of Star Wars.
Unfortunately, the burner just sort of welded itself to the flask and burnt a hole in the bottom.
Disappointing, but it was funny when he mashed up the canister trying to force it all apart. We convinced him that he wasn't safe to smoke because the gas would linger in his clothes and may ignite from the merest spark.
Guess who had all his fags?
They're sh1t. If you fall out of the mortar hatches on a warrior and land on hard standing they'll burst Ration pack hot chocolate all over your leg.

Why would you want a hot, sticky, wet leg and flies coming over to investigate you? It's like having a chocolate flavoured minge!

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