Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnboyzzz, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Cherie 'has suspected swine flu'

    Mrs Blair is suspected of having swine flu
    Cherie Booth has pulled out of receiving an honorary degree at Liverpool Hope University because she has suspected swine flu.

    The former PM Tony Blair's wife was due to be honoured with a Doctor of Laws for her work in human rights and her support for the university.

    It is unclear if her husband or any of their four children have the virus.

    The news came as GPs warned the number of people fearing they had swine flu had jumped 50% to 40,000 last week.


    Wish it was something worse
  2. Couldn't happen to a nicer frog
  3. Don't suppose she has any additional underlying medical complications does she? Just wondering...
  4. I hope it kills the fooking bitch.
  5. What comes of giving pig a blow job?
  6. Even her God hates her
    pay back ;-)
  7. Anything to keep the family name in the news !
  8. There is a God! :D :twisted:

    Now die you fcuking bitch!
  9. Ding dong the witch is dead... Too soon?
  10. She wouldn't have received any news coverage of the honorary degree otherwise!
  11. Are they burning the corpses yet
    I've got a jerrycan of leaded they can have, free,gratis,without cost, and a box of weather proof matches too.
  12. Do we HAVE to wait until she's dead before we burn her? :twisted:
  13. she can be the exception
    jeez, i'm feeling that generous i'll even get the kindling and build the pyre
  14. i hope you die and rot in hell you fucking leech, and I hope you infest your cu[nt of a husband before you do.
  15. Oh if there is a God, she will die!!