Wide mouth frog says something useful

Not exactly the party line now is it? :twisted:

Cherie Blair yesterday criticised the way men in parts of the Islamic world have used their religion to justify the oppression of women.

The Prime Minister's wife made a series of candid comments about her own political ambitions, her husband's policies and her childhood dreams of falling in love with an Indian raja during an informal lunch with female journalists.

In what were supposed to be private remarks, but were actually reported widely on the sub-continent, the Prime Minister's wife said she was fascinated by Islam.

But she added that she did not agree with the way it was interpreted in some countries.

There are more than 100 million Muslims in India and, with the British Government trying to improve its relations with Muslims at home and abroad, Mrs Blair may be criticised for not being more diplomatic.

It is not the first time that her unguarded moments have caused embarrassment to her husband's government, most notably in 2002 when she said that young Palestinians had "no hope but to blow themselves up", only hours after 19 Israelis had died in a suicide bomb attack.
MrPVRd said:
I thought it would be something along the lines of "I am taking a vow of silence and entering a convent."
Or hand me that partially loaded revolver, i'm feeling lucky today! :D
Pity an Indian raja didn't sh*g her a few times and then chuck her into his harem with the other slappers. If she kicked off about wimmins rights no doubt he'd have fed her to the tigers or something............. :twisted:

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