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This is an issue that has been bugging me for a while - the size of avatars and signatures. This is a problem both in dimensions (problem for folk wth low res monitors (1024x768 and below)), and fire size in KB / MB (problem for people with slow connections. I recently found a signature of 200 odd k for example - a couple of minutes of download for some people.

Therefore - problem recognised and to be dealt with.
problem for folk wth low res monitors (1024x768 and below), and file size in KB / MB (problem for people with slow connections).
One has to ask, should we be encouraging the types with low res monitors and no broadband? Reeks of Rinky Dink Pikey filth. Poor people should not be allowed to access Arrse, they should be out working, providing for their families and such like.


Could the criteria for admission be; if you aquired your PC at Lidl/Aldi, don't join in?

Or would that be too exclusive?
I agree, not because I am a cheapskate but frankly when you have seen the avatar once, you have seen it a thousand times, and signatures likewise.

The size of avatar and signature are usually inversely proportional to the actual amount or quality of the posts made by the culprit, and that ratio should give us a clear course of action.
Interesting point about AOL. I wonder if we should ban AOL users just in case it's infectious.

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