Wide Horizon Study

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by thfc2005, May 20, 2006.

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  1. Anybody know anything about this study that was carried out in the 1980's, think it was carried out in Germany. many thanks.. :?
  2. Can you expand on that a little?
  3. Is that a pun?
  4. Don't remember that study (I was in Hildesheim from 80-86)
  5. And I was in Hildesheim 87-92 and don't recall anything of that name. Mind you I was spackered on Appelkorn for a fair amount of that time.
  6. I remember some sort of survey whilst in Germany but that was 20 years ago. I really havent got that good a memory as to know what the name of it was. Next you'll be asking what my answers were! :D :) :D
  7. Nope, doesn't ring any bells in my alchohol-ravaged memory cells. And since we're putting up time frames, Detmold 1979-92 should cover the period in question.
  8. I think it was to do with the draw down of units in BAOR, and eneded up with the disbandment of 9 Regt as they were back then.
  9. ....and we all agreed that they disbanded the wrong regiment :frustrated:
  10. Oh yes. B@stards. :(
  11. Apparently it was in 1978, there's a reference to it here.
  12. My Squadron, my Regiment.................gone !! in the stroke of a pen.............Bunch of bastards...........669 was a hell of a good Squadron of men.
  13. Wasn't it something to do with 9 Reg specialising in proving that AVTUR didn't burn that finally influenced the decision