Wicking t-shirts

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by vandyke, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. I'm after some wicking shirts and wondered if the issue ones were any good?
    like these

    or should I jst get a civvy make?
  2. Can't you request one from the QM? I think they're called T-shirt anti-static or something along those lines. I'm using the green ones instead of cotton shirts and they're the mutts in warm weather.

    Might sound obvious but keep away from fire :oops: and do not iron... :roll:
  3. the new type issue thermals (with the semi micro fleece type lining) are fantastic. loverly and warm and comfy :) . i suspect that they are made by helly hansen, as they are very similar in appearance (except no arm stripes) and feel i am unsure of the wicking ability's thou as i have only used the one top i have as a base layer when static.

    the difficult bit is getting them in a normal size from the stores/qm's. 'normal' sizes (for me a 42-44 chest / xl) are rocking horse c rap to get! even thou i'm deployed on a winter tour!
    the long johns seam to have the same cut/sizing problems as the issue anti-bacterial boxer shorts, in that you get a sevear builders bum when you sit down, despite having the correct size on.
    i have reported this on threads, but breath not being held!

    kitmonster, any thoughts on this? is this a common problem and being addressed? are the powers that be aware of the sizing/cut issues?
  4. First wore one on catterick a few weeks back and I couldn't agree more; it was toasty, despite the snow. Compared to my peter storm thermal it's warmer and it wicks fairly well. Bear in mind that I'm OTC so hardly likely to push the boundries.

    The normal wicking t-shirts are also impressive, used one in the sahara in temperatures of about 40 degrees and it's preformance was pretty much the same as a mountain hardware wicking shirt. I wore a normal non-wicking t-shirt for a single day and the difference was very noticable.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I thought those issued desert wicking T shirt were utter garbage. The ones with the tiny little holes in them, colour of dodgy-curry sh1t the morning after. Seemed to retain underarm smell more than other ones too. Maybe its because I'm a smelly fcuker though, who knows?
  6. Not had a QM for a few years now, but still work in hot (but not sandy) areas.
    I have a few Nike wicking shirts and they are great.
    It's the thin Micro fibre ones Im after not the thermal ones as the temp here rarely drops below 20 deg.

    I'll try and find Brand new issue ones at a decent price. Thanks for your replies
  7. The filaments are hollow, therefore they retain sweat/organic matter inside the fabric. This is difficult to remove by laundering and causes a build-up of odour over time as bacteria breakdown the accumulated gunk.

    The original synthetic t-shirts didn't get the nickname Smelly-Helly for nothing :!: Merino wool or wool/synthetic blends are a solution, they do not naturally retain bacteria or odours and can be worn for longer periods where laundry isn't an option. They don't dry quickly when wet though, that's one drawback.
  8. Agree with that, they are just like my HH thermals! Wore them in the snow on the plain a few weeks ago and I was toasty all day. They seem to preform wicking quite well too.
  9. OG

  10. Or you could click on both links and pay £4.95 for the issue brown one ;)
  11. I'd rather skin my own shins and crawl through a salt-mine than pay £5 for a (used) issued brown t-shirt :D :D :D
  12. Thats exactly what I'm looking for, Cheap and breathable
    Thanks for the link
  13. £10 for an issue one??

    theyre about 2.50 to go diffy, i found them excellent out in iraq during the summer , felt the heat a lot more wearing cotton t shirts
  14. You see right next to the £4.95 it says "Brand new" in capitals... ;)