Wicked Witch to be investigated by MPs

No, it's not the one from the Wizard of Oz!

A wee bit from the Telegraph:


Now Labour MPs accuse Cherie Blair of 'cashing in'
By Tony Freinberg
(Filed: 05/06/2005)

Labour MPs have attacked Cherie Blair for delivering a lucrative lecture on life in Downing Street in Washington at the same time that her husband is visiting the White House.

The Prime Minister's wife faces the prospect of a Westminster inquiry over allegations that she is cashing in on Mr Blair's international profile. A member of the Committee on Standards in Public Life confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph yesterday that Mrs Blair's conduct would be considered at their next meeting, when they would decide whether or not to conduct a full investigation.

The decision follows a letter from Chris Grayling, the Shadow Leader of the Commons, to the chairman of the committee, suggesting that the Mrs Blair had "gone against the spirit of the guiding principles that your committee has set out for those involved in public life".

As disquiet over Mrs Blair's conduct grew yesterday, Peter Kilfoyle, the former defence minister and once a close friend of the Blairs, questioned whether regulations governing MPs' conduct and conflict of interest were being applied equally.

He said: "It's an extremely difficult one, because Cherie Blair is obviously not an MP, so she cannot herself be subject to any parliamentary regulations. Still, she's got be fair game for various interest groups as a way of getting to her husband.

"The guidelines [governing MPs' conduct] are being tightened up all the time. Are they being tightened up for those at the very top of the greasy pole the same way they are for those at the bottom? I don't know."

One other senior Labour backbencher criticised Mrs Blair for her apparent propensity to "cash in on her connections" while another said that often she could "seem grubby".

A member of the Commons committee confirmed yesterday that the issues brought up by Mrs Blair's lecture were serious enough to prompt discussion of drawing up a new code of conduct for spouses of public figures. "Obviously this issue will come to the committee in due course and we will discuss it," the member said.

My view is that the WW has made herself a media target and is fair game for all sorts of abuse and baiting!

Has anyone not seen this amusing picture?

About bloody time. This isnt the first example of her using her husbands high profile to help line her pockets.

hang the witch! :D
Send her to the Hackney Africans. They know what to do with witches.

Apparently the Bliars are looking for a house in Italy, so perhaps she thinks they need the money. Personally I'm all for them going to Italy - they do a nice line in dealing with dictators and their women.
What luvvly news. Never liked the Blurs as a couple or as individuals.
Now we must see that Blur does not take a highly lucrative position with one of King Geore IIs companies as a payoff pension plan when he goes.

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