Wich special force?

i bin lurkng for a time so plz take me ez!!

i am joining the Armey and i would liek some help with taking the right force. wat should i join the sas sbs or the raf regt?? or the para rangers regt?

i live in birminam so i can travel to any of their secret bases for the big day.

help plz.


War Hero
Try Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90

I think that Special K is the one for you


War Hero
has to be no body could acually mean that?
special needs, maybe......................................... 8) 8) 8) 8)


War Hero
good point


I suggest that you apply for the 1st Battalion Mong Windowlickers. These elite troops are the first on the scene of any Terrorist incident. Do you remember the Embassy siege where the SAS entered throught the Windows?. Well, what the press weren`t allowed to show was the covert insertion of the 1MWL special forces that first licked the windows clean to enable the SAS to see what was going on.

This has got to be a Fcuckin Wahhhhh - I just do not believe that someone can Textspeak that Badly

Textspeak for Supersoldiermong....FCKOFF WNKER
ffs guys its april fools day. you could at least have pretended to play along with [insert name of the arrse regular who you think is responsible] :)

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