Discussion in 'RLC' started by Machristo, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. http://www.arrse.com/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=40001.html

    ^^^that pretty much forms up the background story.^^^

    I attended the nick on the 5th, and plod in it's infinite wisdom bailed me further until 13/09. it appears that in the month and half between me being nicked andmegoing going back, they'd literally done sweet FA. this makes the RLC safer for a littlewhile longer. i spoke to my Recruiting Sergeant yesterday and he's said ok, no sweat, just to keep him informed. just thought a few of you might care/derive pleasure from this, and thus decided to share.


  2. Nope.

  3. ahhh, cheerful as ever, eh chap?
  4. Dae,

    Noone really gives a teaspoonful of monkey spunk about your 'offence', your future career or you. Get back to the gutter where you might find some bottom feeder mates who may be interested.
  5. *I won't bite, I won't bite..... I promised myself i wouldn't........*
  6. Sir_Dea,

    Don't let them get to you. How is it going on Bad Lads? Are you the little dumpy Welsh man?
  7. nah, i'm no where near as fit (or brave) as oddjob. or (thank fcuk) as welsh.
  8. Instead of wasting your time on here Sir_Dae, if I was you, I'd limbering up my sphincter... ready for the dry bumming you're going to get in prison.

    Either that or a crash course in Ninja KungFoo skills.

  9. you're such a lovely person, aren't you Bomb_Doctor. and after i made such a contrite apology and even gave you a special mention....
  10. Yeah, and?

    You Sir, are a cock. The sooner you realise that and Foxtrot Oscar, the better.

    Grow up, realise that AT is obviously not your chosen profession, move on and learn to say.....

    "Do you want fries with that?"

  11. Fries with what? - the dry bumming!
  12. You do realise "oxygen thief" is not a rank as such, so you can't use it amongst your Walt mates! :roll:
  13. Bore off, hopefully the MODS will delete this waste of time thread.
  14. gents, i am shocked. sir dae gave us (unintentionally) one of the most entertaining threads ever seen in the RLC forum - amidst stiff competion *ahem*

    i am genuinely interested in whether the army is so desperate to recruit that sir dae still gets in. if not, let's just hope he doesn't convert to islam.

    sir dae, you keep posting young fella. sharing your daft antics and deluded dedication to your hoped-for career made a few of us smile :)
  15. Was your crime an error of judgement on your part, possible down to inexperience, immaturity and the general exuberance of youth or do you have no remorse and are generally unmoved. From your tone I take it that it is the latter, and whilst no doubt there are jobs in the army where the "super six" are breached with a nauseating regularity, the RLC CEG of Ammo Tech is not one of them. They do have their share of idiots in the same way as any other branch of the army does but it would be unfortunate if the only contribution yoiu could make was to increase that element.

    As far as you should be concerned "the plod and its infinite wisdom" stands for those values that you would do well to learn, and if you want to enjoy any form of sucessful career within the RLC or the army generally then you had better start learning them before basic training.