WhyOhWhyOhWhy!!!! Cops and....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. It depends if the water pistols were made to look realistic, or if they were just super-soakers.

    If they looked real, they shouldn't have been out playing with them.
  3. cut and pasted from the article....

    It is often impossible to distinguish between real and replica guns, and members of the public who get a glimpse of a weapon will, naturally, call police with their concerns

    Oh dear....................the water coming out of the end would be a clue ...wouldn't it ??????

    I bet this report has been watered down.

    dog...gone :D
  4. Glad to see you living up to your name with that post.
  5. Points to consider when you put yourselves in the shoes of the police:

    - They were teenage boys, not 7/8 year olds.
    - Was the water pistol in the shape/style of a real firearm?

    I am assuming the complainant didn't see water coming out of the end, and some of the toy guns out these days are actually pretty real looking for someone who's not seen a real firearm, especially from a distance.

    Basically the Police did the right thing, this isn't really even worthy of a story.
  6. And how is that?
  7. I know the cops are between the devil and the deep blue sea on these occasions, but,........................these toys are normally brightly coloured and are sold legally in the UK for childish amusement.

    Why do the police on every such call need to go in with 'all guns blazing' so to speak? Aren't there occasions where an ordinary plod can do a little drive by and suss the situation out or could the caller have been questioned more?

    Sometimes its that little stiffy or over zealous lack of risk assessment.
  8. Don't see the problem here. Police get a call from a concerned citizen about a potential fire arm. They respond with the approriatly trained personal. Upon arriveing they see two kids with water pistols, have a quite word and go.

    The fault here lies with the fecking curtain twitcher who saw two kids playing with water pistols and instead of using a bit of common dog and taking a better look just had a knee jerk reaction and called the police.
  9. Children out playing with toys.

    And because some tithead gets all jittery you want it stopped? Why?

    Makes you a twit.
  10. If you read my post you will notice I said 'it depends if the water pistols were made to look realistic'. If police get a report of what looks like a firearm, fecking right they respond. I am not saying the curtain-twitcher was in the right or wrong, as we don't know the context of this.

    Please use some kind of logic before you just try and throw a cheap insult, there's a good chap.
  11. First reality check, this was Churchdown, Gloucestershire a bit between Gloucester and Cheltenham not Kennington, Moss Side or Tottenham. Sure we don't know the full circumstances of this but it smacks of a scene from Hot Fuzz.
  12. There are firearms in even small towns now. Not to the same extent, but they are about.

    I still don't get why this is even a story. Someone called the police, they came out and assessed the situation and dealt with it accordingly (if it had been a real firearm and a normal beat officer had arrived, it'd have taken another 20 minutes or whatever for the armed police to arrive. Thus making it impractical).

    Perhaps the headline "Shock Revelation, Police Doing Their Job" would have been more close to the truth. And no, that wasn't a dig at the police.

    [Edited due to fat fingers]
  13. You said that the children should not be out playing with toys that may look realistic.

    You would stop children playing if their toys look too good? What will you stop next?

    I hadn't realised that the UK society had gone that far to the dogs.
  14. If I saw a child playing with a toy gun, I'd most likely be able to tell it was a toy as I have firearms experience. For an old woman who has never seen a real firearm before, though, the scenario is entirely different.

    If a weapon is realistic looking and it is being weilded in a public place, then there is always the risk someone will mistake it for a real firearm.

    What is so hard to understand about that? It's not a case of being a killjoy, it's a case of being realistic in the modern world where shootings are becoming more of a regular occurance.

    I used to play with toy guns when I was a child, but my parents made sure I did it in an area that would not attract attention or cause mistaken identifications. Because when you have some common sense you can see that: real looking weapon + public place = recipe for an incident.
  15. The old bill are in a no win on this one

    Curtain twicher calls in that a group of teenagers with firearms, they send round a community support officer he gets slotted everyone's up in arms

    Basically a bit of common from civvies should be enough

    Just assess the situation,is it raining so how come they getting wet.

    Waste of a tax code!!!!!!!