Obviously not enough work for them to be doing :wink:

Or for some of them perhaps wanting to feel young again :D

Perhaps we will get some answers from the men themselves 8)
Because quite a few of them are ex UOTC and hence hang around to see what the current gossip is...... amongst other things.

PS Where the fook have Fauna, Macks, Orifice_Cadet et al dissapeared to... it seems the regular users of this forum come and go in yearly cycles.
I'm still around I've just been a bit tied up in the campus bar & unit mess drowning myself in snakeyb and export
I'm still here, just posting less. Remebering back to the time when the posting volume in the ACF/OTC boards was so much the it pissed everyone off.

If i don't have anything sensible to say .....
For the same reason we that we cant help rubber-necking at a RTA, its gruesome, but somehow compelling. :wink:
I miss the old posse. Bet the old faithfuls in the real forums wish we had more going on in here as well, keep us off their territory.
Back in the day.........

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