Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pupgreen, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. why,, have you deceided to delete a topic.. yet again.. is it maybe because shes one of the few,, or the door only swings one way..
    in this land we call ours .. equal rights and free speech are what we stand for,,unless it upsets, one of the chosen few.if you didnt want people to vote on weather dale remains a o2 theif..then why bother with any of this at all.its not just me but quite a few arrsers of late,, who realise this site is getting very one sided. play the game or dont bother.
  2. Its not deleted its in the Hole
  3. PUPS,

    Have you been out for a few bevvies, or have you got the hump.
  4. Read the thread all the way to the end and you will get your answer
  5. this is happening too often of late,, something s not going the ,,gangs way,, whoosh its gone...im off to read a book good night,
  6. Look in the hole, its been done to death.

    If you don't understand why, read the thread over until you do or PM someone instead of starting yet another wanky thread written in BATCO.
  7. Right, lovescud, before you press the "hole" button, have a quiver over it.

    I have been given the O2 Tag for a reason, I have given my apologies.

    I spoke to trevelez (aka Muttley) every other day, and I was a bit of a hot head when scotlass posted. I saw my own arrse and I have said sorry.

    Can you stop going on about this please?
  8. Fuck me sideways with a bargepole.

    Dale's pretending to be an adult.

    :evil: :wink:

  9. thats the word I was looking for but it came out as bevvies....

    is BATCO still used...
  10. Dale, beleive me I have better things to do that move dullness to the hole every five minutes, sadly we have bone topic starters who would sooner jump on the bandwagon rather than read polls and listen to the people who made the decision.
  11. Read the threads in the arrsehole dickhead.

    I have been far too busy driving. The M25 is not a love of mine anymore. 3 times today, people on there should be shot.

    Oh, and I have 3G tag, or is that like O2?

    Who cares, it's the internet!