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  1. I have watched quite a few video presentations on here of troops
    been dropped by helo usually Chinooks

    WHY do they still have there bright flashing amber and red safety lights
    on advertising to the world where they are

    Yes I know they are loud and the world and his dog can hear them
    so maybe have answered my own question
    But why allow them to home in on the bright navigation safety lights

    Jack McHammocklashing
  2. Stained_Eligius

    Stained_Eligius War Hero

    The red light is just showing that the toilet is currently in use. The orange one is there to stop people walking into the helicopter and hurting their heads in the dark. If it's flashing it means someone just hit his head and may need assistance.
  3. Chinooks are virtually silent, hence the need for the visual warning of their presence. As a further aid to safety, they are fitted with a distinctive siren that emits a "Wocka, Wocka, Wocka" noise. This indicates that the helicopter is of the twin rotor variety and therefore is longer than normal.
  4. dis am de puka jam troot mon - an ibean in wocowockas lotz - fo reel - an in da pole -ish versjun witch goed wotja votcha!
  5. I would have thought the answer obvious, Health & Safety and Liability.
    If any itinerant camel whacker was to walk into one and injure themselves, the resultant costs would bankrupt the MOD.
  6. FFS man OPSEC!!!!!

    it's the British stealth system....so good infact that they had to fit a system so that you would know when it was on.
  7. Injure themselves? More likely break it. Same outcome though.
  8. Sven

    Sven Crow

    God, this is surreal.

    Only tonight the Beeb broadcasted a documentary about a stealth chinook getting horrendously damaged by a load of failed asylum seekers and the MoD trying to hide the fact that it was using the RAF to get them out of the country (hence the stealth characteristic being deployed)

    If You get the chance to see it again check out Silent Witness
  9. Strange, that. I always thought that the preferred method was to issue the passengers (failed asylum seekers) with parachutes and advise them that if the door light changes from green to red, there is an emergency and they have to evacuate. Halfway across the Channel, the pilot autorotates and puts the red light on....
  10. Nosher361

    Nosher361 War Hero

    Crab Air. They like pretty things. It's nothing more sinister than fairy lights. You should see them round about Christmas time, they put an awful lot of effort into the displays. There's a prize for the best one.
  11. But they do have more flair than the Cavalry - one flashing yellow light to decorate a tank! I ask you!
  12. Sven

    Sven Crow

    Pilot must have got it wrong. Or was winging it - so to speak
  13. RABC


    It is the no-smoking warning lamp.
  14. Pub_Regular

    Pub_Regular Old-Salt

    Disco on board tonight?

    Not in service today?

    Pilot under tuition?

    Mobile traffic lights?