Discussion in 'Juniors' started by devil62, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Why did we join the army? Why did they say it would be easy? Why am i doing this? A. There was nothing left to do in the world. Well thats my excuse whats yours?
  2. Who said it would be easy?
  3. How long have you done?, it gets easier and better the further in you get.
    No other job will make a better person of you, nor give you such opportunities, It will not be a cakewalk, and you may be called upon to do things that lesser mortals are simply incapable of.
    You will emerge at the end a far better person, capable to deal with all that life can throw at you.
    Stop fcuking whineging and knuckle down!, you might enjoy it more.
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  5. Hammering tempers steel, but flattens marshmallows.
    Bite through the pain and concentrate on the objective.
    You will finish training a different (and better) person.
    Trust me, I'm a Yorkshireman.
  6. never a truer word spoken (sorry about the mafioso thread)

    as still21inmymind stated get on with you will emerge a better person.
  7. Speedy, spoken like a true gent, apology cordially accepted.
  8. you are welcome lets move on, prehaps you could actually tell me what the mafiaso are by pm

  9. Location: Manchester

    Hang your head in shame. :x
  10. When my head is not down the karsi busily barffing then it does hang in shame.
  11. I joined because it was something I had wanted to do ever since I was a sperm. I enjoyed just about every minute and what I learned and experienced has set me up for life.
    True , true Yorkshireman.
  12. As still rightly explained you will be a better man.I am now on the down side of the slope towards the big 22 and now I can't believe they pay me so much for this. Bite the bullet and FIDO big lad you will enjoy it at the end

    PS never trust a Yorkshire man either lol
  13. Because if we didnt join who would. we are following the traditions and honours of our forbears and thanks to them we have this world and thanks to us we will have a safe future
  14. Always trust yorkshire men, we are the best there is.
  15. Who cares if u trust a yorkshire man or not, I'm love'n this job now. god save the queen and all that stuff. God Smite me for my sin of enjoying my life with the army. comming 21 and love'n it.