Discussion in 'OTC' started by g2_loony_bin, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Why are OTC classed as TA? I have no quarrel with the OTC, this is just curiosity. You don't deploy, you don't provide home land of any kind.

    Just wondering, since you are also called Cadets surely you should come under Cadets? :?
  2. They are too old to be Cadets (ACF/CCF). They are in fact Officer Cadets. There are 2 different Groups wthin the TA; one of which (Group A) is deployable the other (Group B) which isn't. OTCs fall into the latter. Simple.
  3. So what does this "Group B" encompass? Are there home defense units? Again curiosity propels me.
  4. I think the only time the OTC would have to do anything is if the world was coming to an end and the country was under threat of invasion. In the T.A order of battle all of the OTC's are bottom.
  5. There are four different groups in the TA - Group A, Group B, the General List and the Unposted List. Not as straightforward as you paint it Xenophon. Group A encompasses the independent units, Group B the specialist units and the UOTCs, the General List includes officers of the CCF and ACF and those officers in extra-regimental employment and the Unposted List is for those officers who are between employments.

    The main difference between the groups are the training liability. In theory, on a technicality of the Reserve Forces Act 1996, any of these groups could be mobilised in a time of national crisis. However, in reality, there are get out clauses written in Regulations for the Territorial Army 1978 for the UOTCs, CCF and ACF which means, barring an asteroid strike on the heart of London, they will never ever be subject to call-up.

    I suppose the best way of thinking of the UOTC is an investment for the future which will help inspire and train a new generation of Regular/TA officers - inspiration requires a little bribery to get it going, hence the TA pay and status.
  6. Or as a way of crusty old instructors scoring with young university totty. :D