Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Anyone heard of Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva?
    He's President of a Portuguese paper company called Renova and he's just produced Renova Black..

    Black Bum Wipe.. yup.. black toilet tissue.. why?

    I thought the whole purpose of the white stuff was so you could check after the first swipe to see if you reproduced the Shroud of Turin or , at least, a replica of the Madonna suitable for veneration.. If you can't see the result of your home made Rhorshach [ sp?] Test, what the hell good is it?

    another numnil, Masaaki Hiramatsu, is selling bum wad printed with astronomical illustrations depicting the birth, life and death of stars in word and illustration.. He's sold 13,000 rolls so far.. Other than being able to say you wiped your anus with Uranus..what the hell is with that?

    Now, if you could order up turdswipes with piccies of those you hate on the sheets..say, Britney, Whacko Jacko, Bush/Blair et al,or your mother-in-law.. I could see the point..
    but, Black Bum Wipes??


    Could we market " official " Arrsewipes for fun and profit? Who should we print on the sheets? [ other than Pentwyn? ]
  2. Yeah 5.56mm
  3. ARRSE tie colour paper, see if your guts can produce a range of colours to match each stripe.