why you should use condoms

I'd fuck her with the pink top on and her with moustache at a price can suck us off about £923814798219-38472938423897498324987
boabbyrab, are your fingers webbed?


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OP, shame your fkin parents didn't think that the night you were concieved, it would have saved the tedium that is this thread!
Of course the most important reason for using a condom is so there is less chance of leaving DNA evidence on the corpse.
Yonks ago, on Jasper Carrot's Commercial Breakdown (a programme satiring dodgy tv ads) there was one showing a short clip of "Mr & Mrs Hitler, parents of Adolf Hitler."

This was followed immediately by clips of "Mr & Mrs Stalin, parents of Josef Stalin," and "Mr & Mrs Amin, parents of Idi Amin."

The final line was "If only they had used Durex/Mates/whatever condoms."
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