Why you should take care on your walkround...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. http://www.trauma.org/imagebank/imagebank.html

    on the left, click on Face - Clinical, then scroll down to "Penetrating Trauma" 8O

    p.s. the medics put me onto that site lol
  2. Is it a Mil site as theres a few things on there such as the L85A1 gunshot wound & the bloke at the R. London with a RGJ tattoo. Quite a few photos are submited by a US army doc aswell. That antenna in the eye looks fckin orrible !!!made my eyes water anyway !! If these are a load of injurys from this current conflict then I don,t really think they should be on the www. Some may argue differently but I won,t !!

    Regards LT.
  3. Sorry, thought that said "reachround".

    Where is my coat?
  4. Well if you do look at 'gunshot wounds', you're going to find, wait for it 'gunshot wounds'. 8O

    It is a medical, rather than a military site, dealing principally with trauma, hence the name and is aimed at the medical professional. These guys deal with traumas on a daily basis and the site provides readily available info and resources for discussion / education purposes etc.

    Any budding medics should have a look at the moulages.

  5. Yeah, I see what your getting at. But even with pixilated faces & a war going on a few hours flight away it would still be seen as distastefull to some members for the injureds family & friends. Personally I don,t really have an issue with these types of pics but I can understand the distress caused to any realatives. Then in the same light this site may offer a hive of info to medics working in this paticular field so it can only be a good thing. Patient confidentality (sp) must be better observed though. My Father, ex 24 yrs RAMC has had a look at this site & said he thinks it an interesting site to show to trainee CMT ,s especialy those in a field ambulance unit ,which he spent most of his time. So if hes ok with it then so am I .....

    Regards LT.