Why you should never p1ss off a Hippo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Brilliant pictures, Having spent some time in the Kruger Park and seen these animals up close is really something and when you consider the Hippo has 5tons psi in it's mouth too the old croc wouldn't stand a chance.
  2. A bit like the Paras in Aldershot in the mid 90's. Safety in numbers and all that.

    Awaits incoming... ;)
  3. There was an episode of a Big Cat program that showed a group of hippoes getting upset at a nearby pride (lions or tigers) and chasing out the adults and killing as many of the cubs that they could find. You don't mess with them.
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    That would be lions.

    To quote Monty Python "A Tiger? In Africa?"
  5. Hippos kill more people than Lions, they are second only to the mosquito as the most dangerous animal in Africa (Linky Thing
  6. True, they're also far better at ballet.
  7. Back in 90 something we were clearing landmines in Mozambique and had cleared a road to a small town which had been cut off in guerrilla teristory for 18 years. On arrival I was met by a small contingency of local bigwigs, the Mayor, Medical Officer, Chief of Police etc. They asked me what I would like as a gift for our work, stressing that they were very poor. I said that to stand on the bank of the nearby Zambezi river (sh it, its big) would be enough for me. They went into a huddle and then suggested that I might prefer to take a local woman as a wife instead. I declined, politely. Eventualy they said I could go to the river, but insisted on giving me an armed soldier to go with me and a lecture. The lecture consisted of being told not to go anywhere near a Hippo, as they were very unpredictable and violent. I was also told that if I went near the waters edge I had to beware of crocs as there were man eaters in them there parts. And for good measure they told me that if I fell in the river there was a good chance that I would be snaffled by a Bull Shark. But neither the shark or the croc would follow me very far, however a pissed off Hippo was quite capable of running surprisingly fast and surprisingly far. They dont smell that good either.
  8. Those Sun pics remind me of the last City supporter who accidentally walked into the Wellie in Ordsall on a Saturday night!
  9. Mind you, you should never piss off a balcony either. Mate of mine did it, lost his balance and toppled over the edge!
  10. Freddy One Sock and me were having a pissing contest off The Balcony when the first thundeflash went off.Made us laugh that did.
  11. What a let down, I expected a paki vs hippo scenario with at least a few gore pics or maybe even a pic of said hippo with impaled paki on tusk etc.. let down I tells ya!
  12. Buy an Atlas Adolf.