Why you should NEVER give money to charity

The charity Save the Children attracts brickbats for it's Global Legacy Award to war criminal (alleged) Tony Blair.

This "charity" reputedly has a director on not much less than a quarter million pounds Sterling per annum. Also several other people in positions that attract six figure salaries. It also employs former Labour party figures and advisors in senior positions.

In simple language much of the money collected from the man in the street goes to the salaries of those "in the know" and the well-connected.

Link from Sky,


As is well known many other charities are much the same.

Cherie Blair is well known for pocketing large sums for attending charity events.

This story hit the airwaves a while back. Apologies if covered elsewhere on here.
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I don't give anything to any "charity", except H4H and I'm happy to send $$$ to MDN/PG directly (and have done), simply because I trust him. I no longer trust any of the established "charities".


I don't want to worry anyone but not giving a red cent to charity is impeccably socialist.
Made the mistake of setting up direct debits to some 'reputable' charities some time ago. Now every post (truly) has at least one begging letter or worst still, blackmail appeals containing crap pens, bookmarks, etc. From those charities and hordes of others they've sold my details to. Now cancelled the lot and put money in selected tins instead - but still get the junk of course. Bloody racket - and no way will I give even a Milliband 2p to African charities.


I don't want to worry anyone but not giving a red cent to charity is impeccably socialist.
It wasn't a cent it was tuppence.

And it wasn't to a charity, either, now I think about it. Damn - that's kinda blown the gag somewhat, hasn't it. Taxi!!

However, I have to agree with not giving to the big charities, especially Oxfam and the RSPCA. Very little of your donation goes to the frontline. Most of it goes in admin and salaries.

That said, I do stick some coin into an RNLI box whenever I see one (not that I've a vested interest, or anything) and when we had an H4H box on the bar of my local I'd pop my change in it on each visit to the bar.

But that's it.
Hate the 'professional' charity begging appeals. I put my money towards those that I think worthwhile. I don't need to be told/coerced to make that decision. Sorry to all those charities who spend +£10K on advertising - you are wasting your money trying to influence me. Plus, and this just a personal prejudice, I will never, ever, contribute to a charity which has a religious association. Do good as a human being, don't try and put a religious wrapper on it.


Charities in Africa my sweaty left knacker. Useless bunch of tossers. I was in Sierra Leone late 90's on a CP short length contract (off shoot of AEGIS's gig out there). We were protecting some of the Medicin San Frontieres people doing their work up country in the isolated villages etc. Worthwhile job & i enjoyed it for most part. Every cpl weeks we'd come back down to Freetown & the port for replen. We'd be next to the main warehouses for the likes of OXFAM, Save the Children etc. Cos they were so big, these mongs wouldn't get involved in any of the local 'customs' . Like crossing one or two fat fcukers palms with silver to get supplies out the door to ppl that needed them. They would insist (cos head office said so) that all contracts (vehicles for carrying the gear etc) had to be be pukka tenders. Result, only the local bent bigwigs would get the gigs. so these blokes would come in load up & bugger off with a few tonnes of kit - strangely it was all stuff that could be easily sold....like bags of grain, water containers, groundsheets. The likes of blankets & manky old tents would be ignored. Next day head honcho comes & says sorry the convoy got robbed, its all gone. Only you'd drive through one of the markets & there would be all this brand new kit on display at mental prices.

The smaller charities who 'bent with the wind' & gave a few small back handers would get 90% of their supplies out the gate & actually do some good.


I don't want to worry anyone but not giving a red cent to charity is impeccably socialist.
Why is it? Just askin', guv. Working on the inside of charities for a few years, it's quite an eye-opener. Some smaller outfits invest heavily in their projects for their clients. Others run sweat shops for volunteers on our High streets. In the most successful shops, pressured managers have daily targets, and when the volunteers turn up for work they stand the paid staff down. Targets are achieved by donations and by aggressive fundraising.Volunteers do most of the work. There are some sharp business practices on our High streets. However,a lot of the shops are inclusive, they keep usually disenfranchised people busy and productive. They 'employ' disabled people, but many of them label and devalue their target market with the "disabled" tag. Yet do they throw the staff a Xmas Party ? Nope.

Never give money to charity, esp. Big Issue sellers (they get their fix with it). Give clothes or cast-offs instead, is my own personal preference.


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Your statement of how your income tax was spent, which will arrive shortly if you have not already received it, will tell you how much of YOUR money the Govt took from you to give away abroad.

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