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Why you joining up?


Just wondering why people are joining the reserves? And I suppose if young enough no the regulars?

personally, I’m 36 and Covid got in the way but hopefully joining up ASAP.

always wanted to going the army, but women cater etc got in the way.

brother was in army for years so always had a an eye/ear in.

now I’m basically a start at home dad my mrs has pushed me (Willingly) into finally joining up.

truthfully I feel a bit daft joining as old as I am but I’m determined to make the most of it and for me it will be Job where I won’t miss any triaging nights etc.

anyway, why you joining up?
truthfully I feel a bit daft joining as old as I am but I’m determined to make the most of it
My brother joined the TA in his early 30s and ended up a WO2. So don't feel daft. I've seen blokes in their 50s smashing CFTs and 20 year olds struggling.


There's probably another thread on this, but what the hell.

I joined the TAVR (as it was known then) because it was a natural follow on to my Army Cadet days at school, there was also a well attended infantry company nearby and I loved it from day one.

A year later I jacked in my HND engineering course and transferred to the regulars.

Don't worry about age. So long as you don't get hung up on people a lot younger than you giving you orders and your fitness is up to par. The longer you're in, the easier it is. The more you put in the more you'll get out.

Scratch that itch and good luck.


A few reasons:

1. I'm self-employed so the opportunity for a bit of more sociable and flexible employment is quite attractive;
2. I need a reason to keep fit beyond a basic level - getting paid to do so is an incentive;
3. There are some very interesting roles (from my perspective).


I applied at the start of January and finally going on BT Alpha at the start of September.

A mate of mine was in the reserves at uni and it always looked like fun so I had to scratch that itch, and hopefully do a lot of travelling if feasible!

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