Why would you want to leave the TA (main factor)?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Unpopular war

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  2. Employee protection

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  3. Healthcare

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  4. Pensions

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  5. Gareth

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  6. Undervalued/regular STAB attitude

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  7. Training is poor

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  8. Just not fun/enjoyable anymore

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  1. Does anyone know if these polls can be made multiple choice??
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't want to leave the TA and I don't know anyone who does.
  3. ^I don't either

    The Worricker programme is on BBC R5 at the mo but I don't think they've mentioned in detail the TA yet
  4. The only reason I will be leaving the TA is to go full time.....

    I enjoy the TA, the lads in my Coy are all sound and the training is generally good, no major flaw in the TA for me, to make me want to leave....
  5. leave? i'm trying to get back in, struggling convincing them because of my age and tinnitus.
  6. 3 main reasons: pressure from work, pressure from home, fall out with someone else in the TA (very typical boyfriend/girlfriend scenario)

    I, of course, am immune to all three :lol:
  7. Im not leaving the TA, but the fact they havn't paid me for 5/6 months is really starting to P*** me off. There are also guys who have been waiting for medicals/kit for weeks and weeks now.
  8. As mentioned by kingo the only reason i'm leaving the TA in july is to join the regs.
  9. It's becoming less fun than it was.

    The TA has always been a serious second career - I resent anyone calling it a hobby, because I don't recall many hobbies that get upset with you if you decide to miss one night or a weekend.

    But now it's more serious - training programme is always full, and there's a pressure to attend that wasn't there even a few years ago.

    I also question how much of this pressure is coming from both Regular and TA CO's, all concerned that the magical rank of Colonel is going to pass them by, and trying to prove to Brigade/District that they can be part of the A list.
  10. Used to call it a hobby/duty but since SDR I view it as a second career, the former was more fun and I felt more valued. Iraq call isn't a issue to me but to employers I think it is. If I got called up for my main TA role they'd not be a probem (National Comms) but the Iraq/Afghanistan - I don't feel I'd be supported by employers.
  11. You've given a good few options, but what of the fact that with the advent of regular fairly lengthy mobilisations to somewhere hot and sh1t then it isn't really compatible with family life or a serious career any more?

    Do you really want to be away from the kids for 6+ months? It may now be a serious second career, but "second" is they key word and (at least for me) it's no substitute for a decent first one, and increasingly not worth buggering up the first one for.

    All depends on your personal situation really. Had some problems on our last camp (long story) that will financially affect me as someone of low rank but who has a good job; it wasn't quite the same for the WOIIs etc to whom I would be senior at work and better paid. They are actually better off with the Army.
  12. Root and Scoot?

  13. I am not leaving. I have just spent 40 hours in the field with 7 hours kip. I have covered about 20 Kms cross country, done recce patrols and plt attacks, eaten compo and had a fantastic time with a great bunch of people. What more could you ask for ????
  14. Girls Aloud to blow you off at the end?