Why would you have more than one user ID??????

Multiple ID users are -

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Abacnut and his cronies have done this before. They made the two Stabtiffy copies and tried to make it look as if I was doing it.

I make myself look bad enough without creating two even more annoying personalities.
There can only be two reasons.

1. To use a second name in order to...

a) Immitate another user.
b) Add weight to a failing agument by adding another voice or verifying something that isn't actually true.
c) Insult someone without compromising your normal user name.

All of which are not in the spirit of the forum.

2. You are such a plonker that you forgot your username or password!


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To have an intelligent conversation? :)
I have two usernames. This is mainly because sometimes I want to post anonymously and too many people know who I am. On the rare occasion that I use my "alias" it has (twice) ended up being quoted on the BBC news! So that is as good a reason as any. I'm not here to ruin my career. I certainly do not use it to snipe, chat to myself or cause offence/trouble on to other Arrse users. It's merely another method of getting certain messages across.

Edited to add...I voted for paranoid as it's the closest.


Try asking Pentwyn.
She’s an expert when it comes to multiple ID/personalities :roll:


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You'll just encourgage it.

Totally agree with you NAP6W. Sadly, threads like this one seem to fade away too quickly. Here's another. from last year. Floppyjock's reason for a double identity is a fair one but I'm sure that there are others on ARRSE that don't conduct themselves with the same integrity....


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In the good old days of the FTM Executive message board, IDs were not registered or passworded. As a founder member, I had de facto ownership of about a dozen IDs and used whichever best suited the conversation, e.g Rumour Control, Caption Competition Sub-Editor, etc.

One lunch time, I got into a conversation on the forum with this guy and after about half an hour, I put the wrong name to a post, which elicited, "Why are you in this conversation?"

When I pointed out my mistake and listed all my aliases, his response was, "Oh dear, I have lost a dozen friends in the course of a single lunchtime."

Oh how we larfed.
After discussion with the person who this post was aimed at, I have come to the conclusion that there are times when someone who hopes to help people can put their own identity on the line and need to re-appear as someone else.

I have removed the name of that person as they have explained this to me and won me round to their side of the argument.

I have also decided to withdraw from Arrse. I have a number of personal issues about the way things on here are allowed to go and feel I have opened myself up to some of the same types of problems suffered by the person we are discussing above.

So thanks and goodbye.

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