Why would this bother anyone?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. article-2228318-15DCE420000005DC-945_636x467.jpg

    Check out the bloke(?) bottom right.
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  2. Somebody ate all the Communion wafers.
  3. I'm bothered because they aren't putting those burning crosses to good use... 15 - 3/4 Left - ground floor.

    I want to hear that bastard Howard scream!
  4. They're off up to the castle to burn all the fat people.
  5. On the positive side, shows that the Church of England isn't all women.
  6. Bothers me a lot!
    What a waste of good timber and fuel.
    Not to mention the damage to the environment! Bunch of selfish cunts.
  7. Jarrod's into burning religious stuff, is he there somewhere?
  8. So you're going to Up Helly Aa to protest? ;-)
  9. I need to study this wanton waste first hand to form a valid opinion :)
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  10. Weird looking bunch of buggers ain't they?

    No wonder the Sith did them over so easily.
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  11. No but will go there to celebrate!! Bloody Xtians, Lions are to good for them
  12. Does anyone know what actually is going on in the piccy? Kindling appretiation society?
  13. No, but some of them need to be careful in case they caught in the cross-fire, boom boom. Taxi!
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  14. I think it is some wierd 'local custom' they have in Cornwal. It may involve Papa Lazarou.
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