Why would a new entrant join the RMP?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by DirkCjelli, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Dear ARRSERs,

    I am going to join the British Army. I have already done the interviews and the BARB test. I am also very confident I will pass ADSC. I can choose almost any trade in the Army but am attracted to the RMP.

    I've been looking through these boards and it struck me that job satisfaction in the RMP is rock bottom. Most of the regular posters who say they are RMP/Ex-RMP appear bitter. This is surprising in a way because the RMP has some of the highest academic and BARB score requirements, and the RMP has no shortage of recruits according to the Sgt at AFCO. Logically, the RMP should have a pool of relatively intelligent, motivated pool of recruits to choose from and then on, to build the Corps upon.

    What is the problem with the RMP? Is it because one does very little police work in the RMP with the result that most recruits end up doing very little of what they joined up to do? Or is it that the RMP gives its soldiers very little civillian qualifications and therefore new entrants end up feeling very insecure? AFAICT, the RMP does not currently have the same level of trust from the public as a Home Office force. Is the problem therefore that the RMP isn't equipped with enough powers/manpower to do its job of policing the Army properly?

    What would you say are good reasons to join the RMP?

    Thank you gents.
  2. There is no problem, its great.

    Motivation is high, retention is great.

    Boots fit, mail is getting through.

    Love it.
  3. You must bear in mind:

    1. Considering the size of the RMP and how many ex-members we have, relatively few come on here and whinge

    2. It is a soldier's perogative to whinge.

    You ask far too many questions for a RMP recruit. Try the Int Corpse instead, they encourage that sort of thing.
  4. Yet among those who do bother coming onto arrse, a significantly larger proportion do talk about doom and gloom.

    I am just trying to find out what it is like in the RMP at the moment and for the near future. Just what do RMP do on a daily basis?

    Man the police station in the dead of the night, go out and do a few patrols, go back, write some reports, repeat the next night? That sounds awfully like guard duty to me... 8O
  5. every soldier whinges pal its a squaddie thing
  6. In my humble opinion:

    I wouldn't say there is much policework, but there is too much paperwork/red tape.

    You don't receice a skill set like the Royal Engineers as an example, there are many more.

    Don't give a stuff about public opinion of RMP.

    Also guys/girls are now deployed more than ever which means away from family a lot and the guys left back at the unit are working there butts off. And there are a select few who choose to push the NCO's very hard, but are not prepared to work hard themselves and this is noticed by all below the rank of SSgt....i.e the officer's can go and walk their dogs and do PT in works time and you do your's in your time...hence fat lazy RMP type's. (Too tired for f##k all).

    However we are paid well for having no skill set...compared to the infantry grafting their arses off in Afghan.

    RMP can be a rewarding job if you get good bosses and are blessed with good postings.

    This is just one man's opinion's and what I have witnesses over the years.
  7. I must admit that in the time that I served with RMP and especially as a Cpl, I enjoyed myself immensely. However, I did find that towards the end of my time and before I transferred, I began to find the job unfufilling, but that was probably due to be stuck behind the desk as Ord Sgt. My last Unit became fixated with Crime Numbers and figures and morale within the ranks dropped. As The Claw said, with the right Unit and right bosses, a career within the RMP can and is very rewarding and there are days when I wish I was still there.
  8. It isn't that he asks too many questions for an RMP recruit, it is just that he doesn't seem prepared to supply his own answers...
  9. Thanks for the replies gents.

    Cuddles: I cannot supply answers because I am not in the RMP. I am interested in joining the RMP but gather from ARRSE that RMP working life is quite lack-lustre. So I have decided to try and find out how bad/good it really is. How else am I to know if I ought to take the plunge?

    I have no ulterior motives.
  10. Mate, if you are even half genuine then use a bit of common sense. Go to your local Pro Coy and ask for an interview with someone who can tell you about it.

    I mean if you were going to work in a bank would you wait outside and ask the clerks what they thought about it? If you were going to work for any civilian organisation how would you find out.

    RMP needs recruits with some get up and go about them. Try and show some mate.
  11. Do you work at HQ PM (A)?
  12. Ever thought of joining the SIB????
  13. Tried it once, didn't like it. My long knives were not long enough.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion. I intended to do that, but wanted to canvass opinions from as wide a range as possible. I feel that whoever in the local Pro Coy who has been volunteered to speak to me will be obliged to be less than candid.
  15. I left in October last year, please feel free to PM me with your questions and I will attempt to give balanced answers. I am off out tonight, but will get back to you when I can.