Why wont Blair respect our glorious dead?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. If I had asked men and women to die for my plans I would have the decency to attend the funerals of the men and women who fall whilst battling to implement my plans.

    I would also have the courage to turn up in parliment for the debate as to why those men and women were placed into harms way in the first place.
    He does not have the courage nor the conviction to show his face and stand his ground and state his case infront of the nation.

    He is no leader of men. He is a coward. I know that I would take every opportunity to tell the world why people must continue the fight for my plans.
    He continues to hide and continues to evade his people-his nation.

    Is this man who won't show his face or disclose his hand- worth the continued risk?
  2. I seem to recall that in the US it is the policy that an officer of at least star rank attends all funerals of service personnel who die in the defense of their country, with the permission of the family of course.

    Do we have such a policy?
  3. Well said that man.

    Blair is a coward but he's an amateur compared with Gordon Brown.
  4. I was one of many hundred who attended Simon Hamilton-Jewell's funeral at the Garrison church in the shot. There were three generals present.
  5. Blair wasn't though...but then dead men have no vote!
  6. It was recently proven on another post that Blair = cnut.

    New Labour = A band of totally useless cnuts
  7. Has The Dear Leader ever visited any of the wounded?
  8. I consider it a great and dignified honour to attend a military funeral.

    Perhaps it is that he knows he is not worthy to look upon the lowering into the ground of a man greater, stronger and more brilliant than himself.

    Perhaps it is the awful shame he feels for sending families into the abyss which he has created, whilst his own basks in the sunlight of safety and security, which prevents him from showing his face.

    Or perhaps it is just that he is too shallow a man to care.

    Whatever the answer, I for one am glad that the scheming cnut knows better than to dirty the memories of our brave young soldiers with his loathsome presence.
  9. probably knows he would'nt be welcome
    I doubt anyone would belive it was a genuine show of respect
    Would you actually want him there with the press pack in full pursuit who'd probably be shouting the odds over big brothers latest goings on plus any and every rent a mob protester turning up would turn a respectful funeral into a cake and arse party
  10. Wouldn't be welcome with his press pack but I am certain that, if he wished, he could get them to disappear for a military funeral. Have many MPs attended funerals?
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    If B'liar goes to the funerals, or to see the wounded - the press will follow him, and the cost of the war will intrude on the consciousness of a public otherwise occupied by Jade f*cking Goody and her ilk.

    In his world only bad news gets buried. No cameras = no dead + no wounded, = no problem. :puker:

  12. He thinks taht going to Iraq (in which the troops have to move earth and sky so he don't get a nail broken) counts probably
  13. Another question is - has Blair ever been to Brize for the return of any of our fallen comrades. I can recall during the war phase members of Govt were present for some of the repatriations , but did he ever attend?
  14. In answer to the thread title, because he's a cnut.

    I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that, but that's enough for me.
  15. If he had to go to every burial of a British soldier, then who would run the country. Second point is, who the hell would want a politician at a Military funeral, their the fukcers who put him in the grave! If we dont like the what the prime minister is doing then vote him and his cronies out. Mind you the next lot of retards will be just as bad. Before you ask, I vote for no political party because Im still a serving soldier and as such serve the country and all those dimwits that voted them in. God, I deserve all that I get.