Why won’t the Monopolies and mergers committee investigate

Sorry if this has been done before (am getting old and eye sight is going)

Day by day the NAAFI has taken over our lives in the Armed Forces even more than just the Monopoly of our shops!

From PRI sales, Newspapers and now even the food that we eat in the camps!

Abit of competition wouldn’t be too bad you say?? Like the Red Shield and Church Army who have provided services and supported to our communities for decades. They get the boot and get told to shut up shop because big brother (read NAAFI) wants to sell what they do!

The PRI, buying kit that we can buy at cost and then give to the ladds, with abit extra going back into the Units to go towards functions and events!

Oh! Almost forgot Functions---- How stupid is this? You want to have a unit function on the cheap! So you go to the local Pizza place and get 20 pizzas. This doesn’t cost a lot, but now you must ask permission from NAAFI to buy this food because it is being consumed on MOD property. As part of the contract (so we hear) if the NAAFI can supply you the Pizzas cheaper (but not as nice) you must get them from the NAAFI?

Where is our freedom of choice? This appears not just on the surface as a monopoly of services and supply but a complete monopoly.

Why has the Monopolies and Mergers Committee not been asked to investigate the NAAFI over their suppression of fair contest and supply to the Armed Forces?
Try writing to them, maybe they don't know about it.
Good point! Oh well i suppose i will take the time on Monday to start digging my own grave :)

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