Why WMD havent been found in Iraq?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. The WMD were transferred to Syria

  2. The search of the WMD was poor organised

  3. Saddam hid the WMD too well

  4. Because of Russian spy satelites

  1. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/rosnerBlog.jhtml?itemNo=658977&contrassID=25&subContrassID=0&sbSubContrassID=1&listSrc=Y&art=1

  2. 'cos they are all in my shed...........
  3. the most sophiscated armed forces are posed on your borders .So so you send your deadliest weapon to another country for safe keeping .Liked that worked well with his air force didnt it . Barking madness .
    balo monkey have you got chem or bio ? i got a nuke and some anthrax just need some vx to colmplete my collection could trade some plauge or
    mustard for it :lol:
  4. a full spread of goodies - want to trade
  5. I find the plague goes down particularly well at dinner parties.......
  6. They would of had like a quick car boot sale and done them all away to Syria or Iran.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that the security services in Northern Ireland never found a weapons cache without some sort of a tip off in 20 odd years (true? Hmmm!), so looking at the size of Iraq and the unwillingness to work with the Americans (mainly) and us british chaps, it could all be in a big hole somewhere.
  8. What about the missing option for the poll?

    Because Saddam complied with the UN and actually got rid of them as Hans Blix and his cronies have hypothesised.

    Surely not?
  9. I have my own opinions on the matter, but it seems to me that after a year plus of looking, if they were to suddenly announce "Here they are! We found them!" nobody would believe them anyway. "It's a CIA plant!"

    That, and there my be diplomatic reasons for not making such an announcement, depending on what the situation might be.

  10. im in the G2 cell in the south of iraq and even we dont know why the elections were so quiet, perhaps the insurgents are waiting for the results to be published.
  11. Re: Why WMD haven't been found in Iraq?

    Errr, thanks Flaghead. Not quite getting the hang of this Arrse thing are we?
  12. The yanks know what they had because they still have the receipts. They were able to account for about 97% but the other 3% is still missing. Of course it was sold on the proviso that it would be used against Iran.
  13. What about the other 99% of all recorded arms transfers to Iraq?


    Now, we don't know who sold what chemical and biological weapons under the counter, of course ...
  14. Exactly! The 3% was only arms fron the US, it didn't even include arms from elsewhere!
  15. It is within the option #4.

    Do you mean that after discovering real WMD in Iraq Bush/Blair would not make a statement because nobody would belive them? There were so many such statements that these noble statemen don't care to make one more especially if it is founded not on their rich imagination.