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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by eye_spy, Jun 23, 2004.

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  1. Hopefully one of you wedgeheads will be able to help me here. I was recently on a course with a load of RE lads. They constantly refered to anything they didn't like as 'websters'. Where does this term come from?
  2. Also interested as have just had an RE training team out here in the sunshine of Italy who used it all the time - they couldn't say why, it just was. They also claimed that the Booties used the same phrase, but none of the ones that I am working with knew about it!
  3. not a 100% sure , we always used to call "charity shop nights" websters nights.
  4. 'Websters' In days gone bye, was a charity shop in The Chatham/Gillinghan area ( Home of the Corps). So when gettin dressed up in charity gear it would be 'putting on me websters kit' as you know kit from a charity shop is mostly crap!!! so anything that is naff ,crap is WEBSTERS 8O
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  5. Malinkey,

    Thanks for explaining - still doesn't explain why they were claiming that the Booties used it, though ...
  6. Up_periscope, it maybe because the booties may have done some sort of watermanship/boat training at chatham,just a thought
  7. Sadly Wedgies your nearly right but the "H & E Webster wardrobe dealers" (as the sign used to say!) was located in Station Road, Aldershot opposite "The Fives" in the mid 80's
    Ken the then proprieter of the 5's was a wretch from the Baldrick school of body building, He was at a wedding reception in the 5's with a demob type suit on and the blokes ripped into him claiming it was from Websters ,he broke down and admitted it was, So the Websters thing started there.

    Swing your pants!

  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I back you on that one Harry! Remember the place well.
  9. I hate to split hairs, but the Websters charity shop from where the websters phrase came from, was actually in aldershot.
  10. Have heard it at ctcrm but as "webbo" and "webtronic" - thought it was related to the esteemed line of military products sold by webtex.
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    Thanks for your reply the 11 year wait was well worth it ! :D
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  12. Christ I'll be 41 when he stings you with a witty repost.
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  13. Websters was the new Gucci when this thread was started
  14. Hofficers still enjoy the terminology. See 'Webberrrs'.
  15. Offendi

    Offendi On ROPs

    And I just 'informative'd an 11 year old post too.
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