Why wasnt this murder flagged up as racist ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. This murder happened the same day as the racist murder in Liverpool where the victim was Black and the offender(s) White.

    In this case the victim of murder was White and the offender(s) Black.

    2 Words spring to mind .....Double & Standards
  2. To be fai, the young lad had been racially abusedimmediately before his murder so it seems fairly likey it was racially motivated, their is no such (as far as I'm aware) racal abuse involved in the Whelan killing, though that doesn't make it any beetr. Both are pointless killings
  3. As I understand it, he wasn't attacked because of his colour, he was attacked because he tried standing up for himself and his missus.

    Unfortunately this is happening quite a bit now.

    Armourer; You fancy 'inviting' the hoodie bastards round for a few attitude adjustment sessions??? (Bring your own hockey stick/cricket bat.)

  4. I have another two words Armourer, straw and clutching! :?

    The attack, as pointed out, was not due to his colour or religion but due to him being in the wrong place at the wrong place with a nutter and trying to do the right thing. :( sad, but true.

  5. P fcuking C comes to mind :evil:

  6. How do you know that his girlfriend wasn't racially abused ? I've just been shown an article from the Daily Express (2 days old) that asks exactly what I'm asking....naturally just by asking this question I'm a racist :roll:
  7. Do you REALLY think there would have been NO hint of this before now given the climate of the moment?

  8. So far the BBC/Media aren't even mentioning the killers colour yet the horrible murder in liverpool colour was one of the first things mentioned. Either mention colour in both terrible events or neither.
  9. From BBC Newswatch on why the Murder of Richard Whelan was not given the same treatment as the murder of Anthony Walker on the BBC

    Full story from BBC Newswatch

    In theory all victims of crime should receive the same treatment from the Media but the Walker murder was unique as it was motivated by racial hatred, something that the police do not think occured in the Whelan murder.
  11. Armourer you are being pedantic!

    The Liverpool murder was the follow on to a racial verbal onslaught by a gang.

    The number 43 murder was an attack by an individual over a request to stop throwing food!

    How do they compare?

    Other than the end result of an innocent man being dead I fail to see it!

    Explain, highlight, and show me a valid reason to highlight the victim and attackers colours in the second incident!

  12. There you go then in these 2 incidents everyone believes everything that the papers and TV say, the papers & TV, naturally are never wrong...... are they ?

    Well I'm off up the wooden hill to bedforshire now, so night night ladies...heads under pillows...beaks under wings...
  13. No but a witness who had helped with the stabbing victim and his hysterical girlfriend at the time was interviewed as she went back to the scene where it all happened and not one mention of racial name calling or anything similar. No one has. I would think the press would have jumped further on the story even if there was the slightest hint of racism to compare and contrast the recent racial issues.

    In fact, the witness went on to say that the bus driver, 1 American woman, 1 man and herself went on to the police station with the girlfriend to make statements and how pleased she was to see how they all came together to try aid the victim, to calm down the girlfriend and to console each other whilst at the station when it transpired that the victim had died from his injuries. The bus driver felt guilty for letting out the murdering basstad as well but she stated that he did the right thing as he could have gone on to injure some other passenger.

    I don't have a link because it was on the local news broadcast but no doubt it will appear soon as with the news of today's arrest of the suspect.
  14. Yes - go back to sleep.
  15. Stabbed for complaining about chip throwing, stabbed for 'being black'. Both dead, both assailants both deserve to swing, why should the reason (neither motive was self defence) matter?

    I don’t see why glassing someone because of a hatred of his race is any different for glassing someone because he spilled your pint. Assailant is still a tw@t and sentence should be the same.

    The same applies to the prison hierarchy. Rapists and murderers of children are viewed of as scum by those who murdered or raped an adult. They are all scum.