Why WALTS are lying even to themselves ... Honest.

I didn't know whether to post this in the Intelligence Cell or NAAFI. Then I realized that people who post on the former are probably intelligence walts, and the NAAFI replies will probably be more astute.

A Study :study: has shown that knowingly (or suspectingly) wearing fake 'Gucci' stuff increases one's predilection for dishonesty and cynicism about other people. And this is just from thinking one is wearing knockoff sunglasses. I can't even begin to imagine what must be going through the head of somebody who wears fake medals at a Remembrance Parade or poses as THEM down the pub :rambo:

Still, can't hang around here chatting - I've got a boathouse to finish painting ...


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Interesting. Like you I've often wondered what is going through the head of somebody walting.


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this is me walting as Tropper, he was so old he had to take an afternoon knap after a hard hours collecting for Hols4H




well as seen in the sad announcement of the fallen ranger there are even profile walts who use multiple forum names to agree with themselfs!

what the fook is going on there!!!!
Interesting. Like you I've often wondered what is going through the head of somebody walting.
I kind of feel some genuine sympathy for certain walts. When my boy asks me who I fought, it is slightly embarrassing to have to say 'Err. No one." Even adding "However, son, for over 10 years my pencil sharpening skills held the entire might of the Third Shock Army and Spetsnaz at bay, until, trembling with fear, the entire Berlin Wall collapsed and freedom spread its mighty wings over the enslaved masses of Eastern Europe" doesn't quite cut the mustard, especially when the reply is "Who are the Spetsnaz?".

So I can understand the frustration proper soldiers must feel when after many years of genuine service, some beardless 19 yr old has seen more combat in 12 months than the average platoon crammed into that many years. The "I could have been a contender" feeling must be very strong.

OTOH, I can also well understand the feelings of those who think "I didn't lose 3 of my friends and get shot twice simply so you can scrounge free pints by pretending to be 'me'".

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