Why Things are seen?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GSSigs, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Im conducting lesson 5, "Why Things are seen" and would appreciate any advice or tips.

    Got the pam and got thoughts but im sure there a few of you out there who have doen this lesson loads and have some tips.

  2. Shape, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette, Spacing, Movement, Pattern, Thermal/IR Signature.
  3. Also walking across the drill square, that can get you seen.... or so i'm told
  4. Always a good idea if poss to teach this one in the evening/darkness, I've used a few different DS and placed them at varying points to my front and had each carryout a task which represents what your talking about, ie : noise DS1 50 mtrs to your front will cock rifle from a hide location,
    IR/Thermal DS2 150 mtrs to your front will light a cigarette (try and get some IR goggles for this, the effect is pretty good from a lighter!!)
    most of the rest you can improvise, shine is hard to do at night but if your sky is clear and the moon is out it's easily enough done.
    I gave most of my LTP's away when I left the TRG team but you'll do fine I'm sure.

  5. i wondered why the Pam says i need a big purple dildo.
  6. Would you be using a LDV Crew Bus?
  7. wouldnt that be a bit excessive Polar, hanging out the back of someone??
  8. Nah just thinking about the lack of DPM kit in unit.

    p.s. Did you hear the rumour about the black overalls to cover up 'offensive' DPM
  9. wowbagger, thats brill. I have a few Toms i could blow up!
  10. Hi Gssigs,

    Check you PM?

  11. Maps.
    Not ideal but it gives the idea:



    everybody does it!
  12. The really switched-on instructor will be able to tell the two different kinds of shadow...