Why Things are seen

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smileriraq, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Been spammed last minute to do Field Craft Lesson 5 (why things are seen) whilst Im happy with content of the lesson (its pretty short) Im trying to think of ways to bring the lesson to life with a few practical demos. Im restricted in that later on my colleague is going to be doing the cam & concealment so I dont want to stray into his territory too much

    any ideas on how to stretch the material out to cover a 40 minute period whilst keeping the SUTs interested??
  2. 10 minute lesson and 30 minute fag break?
  3. lol thats what someone else suggested however at the moment Im working on doing the theory then placing some items out in an area before hand and getting them to spot the items
  4. dishing out sets of 50 pressups to the weaker members tends to hold the rests concentration.

    Liven it up with pays to be a winner and leopard crawling
  5. One of each of course. Ie one shiny & one not, one moving & one still etc etc

    Listen in granny - take one small free range egg ......................
  6. Follow the set up in the Pam(Pam2 sect1) covers all you need to do, failing that pm me I'll send you a lesson plan. But it should be in the EASP which should be kept on file. This is assuming, I KNOW, you're part of an ITW at a RTC
  7. Two kinds of shadow; any fule no that.
  8. Use the Monty Python "Why things are seen" sketch as a warmer.