Why the sceptics won't release 'the photos'.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Muntie McSporrin, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Could it be because the hole above his left eye is actually an exit wound?

    According to the latest reports, OBL was seen first seen in the doorway of his room. He then 'turned and retreated' inside.

    (They coulda done it by force-feeding him bacon milkshakes for all I care, I just think it's an interesting possibility)
  2. Head stoved in by sledgehammer ( to make sure ) so not actually that pretty?
  3. The pics will be quietly "leaked" in a few days time, thus allowing Obama to prove Bin Laden is dead while still retaining the moral high ground.

    Cynical? Moi?
  4. They wont release it cos they want to see who can come up with the best photoshopped pic. The one below isnt to bad.

  5. I'm 'uncomfortable' about the pics being released simply because I'd hate to see the door opened for pictures of dead NATO servicemen to be splashed all over al jazeera (sp)
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  6. Sadly they have already done it. I recall the yanks being mightily upset with Al Jazeera and severely blasted them for showing images of the bodies of dead US servicemen...then a couple of months later the US showed images of Saddams sons severely deaded.
  7. Al Jazeera have no issues at all with showing photos/videos of dead British servicemen.

  8. Not visible.
  9. What more do you need?

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  10. Maybe they forgot to take any photos?.....in the excitement of the moment and whatnot. No?

    Well, it's a possibility....
  11. Not quite, they took photos but forgot to put the film in the camera beforehand. Well, as you said, the excitement and all that, easy mistake to make!
  12. Yanks not take photos...come on :)
  13. Having lost the obligatory aircraft, our Septic cousins now appear set to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory - having been shot at in his doorway OBL retreated inside the room, a move which was interpreted as an act of resistance. FFS! I reckon I'd have probably ducked out of the way, too! Why they couldn't just crow with righteous triumphalism
    "We assassinated him. It's not over yet. We've new leads to follow to Al Qaeda now He was given more dignity in death than were those who died 9/11." I don't know. They're making themselves look stupid now.
  14. I reckon the problem is more that the Islamic world has a lot of extremely excitable and extremely thick people in it who tend to respond to pretty much any perceived insult by going berserk and rioting. So, talk vaguely about burning a Koran, and halfway across the world ten thousand muppets go on the rampage hurting anything they can, regardless of whether it is a sane thing to do or not. Morons are usually highly visual people; merely saying "Osama just got croaked" won't do too much; splashing big red pictures of the mortal remains of the black sheep of the bin Laden family all over the newspapers is going to get the idiots going.

    So, crap photoshop is all you'll get. You don't need any more (although footage of the man's funeral might've been a passable compromise), Al Jazeera has publicly admitted he's dead, ergo he's dead, departed and fish-food by now. All that remains is the inevitable blame-game over in the Pakistani high command which will probably take the form of looking to see who's altogether too rich for the salary he's supposed to have been getting (i.e. who was on the take from Al Qaeda). AQ and the Taliban will be doing a similar thing; somewhere a minor functionary in the Pakistani military who got upset about not seeing a share of the bribes and took a backhander from a Yank spy is likely feeling extremely uncomfortable right now.
  15. Perhaps the happy snaps are being held back until the book deal? That's what our SF would do.