why the Royal Anglians

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ironeye, May 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm sitting here scratching my head, I have written 90% of the Ice breaker but I cant actually think why I chose the Royal Anglians. I wanted an infantry role so it made sense to join the regiment that recruited from my area. I no a bit about the Regiments history but cant think of a decent reason enough why I chose them. Any ideas?

    On a seperate note I dont have a pair of shorts but I do have a tracksuit for the physical tests etc. Are shorts essential?

  2. Shorts are essential when they tell you to get back to your room and change into shorts quick time for the run, for example, IF they do that atleast.

    Royal Anglians because they are a local based regiment, you wanted a challenging job for example with a sense of adventure and an opportunity to push your limits? Its really down to you to say WHY, theres no right or wrong answer
  3. Ok thanks for that. :bow:
  4. is it a tracksuit like jimmy savil's?
  5. A nice shiny yellow one with stripes up the sides.... :p
  6. Coz Ross kemp is in them...... :eek:
  7. You are joining the Royal Anglians because they have county ties to Norfolk and you feel that is important because you are proud to be from Norfolk.

    You would off course be immensely proud of serving your county based regiment!?

    Something like that !????

    I am joining the Royal Anglians also because the above is personally important to me.....I will choose the Poachers due to their county ties to Lincolnshire.

    This Ross Kemp thing has stereotyped anyone wishing to join the R Anglians for a genuine reason.
  8. Definately take shorts mate, otherwise you'll sweat and rustle like a bitch on the 1.5 miler.

    Just say you saw Ross Kemp and thought it looked like fun, a lad on my RSC did.
  9. All great ideas and many thanks for them. It's going to be a struggle to renember it all :( Not long now. Nervs have gone, quite exited now :lol:
  10. i wonder what would happen if someone turned up in sunglasses, a jimmy savil style shell suit and a cigar?
  11. I don't know, but I considered hiring a fop suit and rocking up in that.