Why the new chatroom?


It is slow, triggers pop ups from my firewall alas uber der platz, doesn't seem popular, you can't see who's in from the front page (therefore can not make a decision as to if you want to join in) and generally seems to be t0ss.

What was wrong with the last one?
It's w@nk, w@nk, w@nk.

Probably, but then how the fcuk would I know? It's impossible to get into.

Serious question........What use are fancy fcuking colours and military quotes that we all know anyway, if the site is crippled as a result?


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It is kak, I've only looked in a couple of times & have binned that part of the site as a bad job.

Is it impossible for one of the Duty Web Wizzards to do a decent chatroom, possibly identical to the previous one, that'll fit in with the new software ?
If a user friendly chatroom is not compatible with the new Arrse, why not set one up outside of Arrse, password protected, that we can all use?
We are looking at options for sorting out the chat as we are aware that we have killed one of the most important & popular parts of the site. We do both have day jobs though so you'll have to be patient.
The upgrade to the site software was all about security. We continue to be paranoid about another successful hack and dragonfly CMS seems to be the most secure on the market.
Please bear with us.
Being patient as requested chaps but a sitrep on chat would be appreciated.
Of course. The basic problem we have is that the old chat module (SPChat) is not compatible with the new site software (Dragonfly CMS) and the developer will not be porting it. This therefore leaves us 3 options:

1. Do nothing and rely on the existing IRC java chat module. Everyone agrees that this is pump so we don't want to do this.

2. Port SPChat to Dragonfly ourselves. We (GCO) had a go at this the other day and it is very, very difficult to do and I'm not confident that we will ever be able to do this.

3. Use a different chat module. Unfortunately there aren't many around for Dragonfly yet although I am hopeful that the guy on this link may come through soon.

In summary we are trying 2 but realistically 3 is the most likely solution. Hope this clarifies things.
Thanks for the update BCO. Going back to something I said before, is it possible to set up a simple chatroom outside of Arrse? They must be available out there, security wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't linked to Arrse in any way and entry can be via PM'ed password.

Or am I being a simplistic fool?
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